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Aashna Hegde and Khushi – Bollywood’s newest teen Heartthrobs!

Aashna Hegde and Khushi Hegde with Mika Singh

Aashna Hegde and Khushi Hegde feature with Mika Singh in the Bollywood fusion-Dandiya number ‘Soni Gujarat Ni’ in the upcoming Gujarati film GOL KERI. Mika Singh and Parthiv Gohil, a Punjabi singer comes together with a Gujarati for the first time for rendering a Gujarati song featuring South Indian sisters. That is national integration!

What brings thunder to this peppy number is that the Social Media influencers and cute South Indian sisters Aashna Hegde and Khushi Hegde perform to this song with Mika Singh.

While it is the first break in a Music Video for these petite sisters Aashna and Khushi, they are already the hottest new celebrities in the Social Media as content creators on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram #aashnahegde with a huge following. They have also collaborated with Kartik Aaryan and Sara Ali Khan and other Bollywood stars to create content for TikTok.

This pair of (twin) sisters who debut on the silver screen in this Bollywood fusion-Dandiya item number that is sure to set the screen on fire! Don’t they look like teens? Though actually they aren’t.

“I am thrilled on making my screen debut with Mika Singh who is singing in Gujarati for the first time. He is an amazing person who is so caring, funny and playful,” says Aashna Hegde, the young lady who is already beginning to beam the grace and charm of her celebrity status on the social media.

While Khushi who is in her teens, the gleeful mischief appears evident on her face on being asked about her aspirations to which she replies with a childish grin, “I would wait a couple of years to decide which stream would suit me. But let me tell you it would definitely be an art form.”

With Soni Gujarat Ni is sure to blast the charts and become a national craze, the Bollywood is eagerly awaiting for Aashna Hegde and her sister Khushi to give a nod to their debut film in Bollywood.

As regards Khushi – the ‘lil young lady’… we don’t mind waiting for you, but hey Aashna Hegde… we are already hearing some chatter in filmy circles about your Bollywood debut!

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