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A tribute to Chapekar, Tilak families by team of Chapekar Brothers

Chapekar Brothers event at Pune

Team Chapekar Brothers visit Pune to pay their tributes to the legendary Chapekar & Tilak families

The city of Pune welcomed the team of Hindi film Chapekar Brothers with open arms. The team is on a promotional tour and made Pune as their first stop. Pune has an important role to play in the film which explores the glorious lives of Chapekar Brothers who contributed immensely in the freedom struggle.

Actors Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri and Manoj Bhatt who play Chapekar Brothers on the big screen were a part of the entourage. Megha Joshi, Kanchan Awasthi, writer Dhiraj Mishra & producer Ghanshyam Patel were also present.

The team first paid their tributes to the Chapekar Memorial situated at the famous Chapekar Chowk. After which, the team met the members from the legendary Chapekar family.

They were extremely proud about the film as it has never been done before in Hindi Cinema. Later on, the team visited the iconic Chapekar Wada, a place where memories are still fresh.

Chapekar Brothers is strongly supported by Girish Prabhane of Chapekar Brothers Samiti who had arrived at the event too. As part of their tour, the team met with Shailesh & Vandana Tilak – great grandson & daughter-in-law who hail from the legendary Tilak family. The family felt extremely proud about the film for portraying a subject like this.

Chapekar Brothers – The Upcoming Movie

Giriva Productions’ Hindi movie Chapekar Brothers is sch eduled to release on 2nd September 2016. The film features Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri and Manoj Bhatt as the Chapekar brothers, Indian revolutionaries involved in the 1896 assassination of the British Plague Commissioner of Pune, W C Rand. Veteran actor Govind Namdev is playing freedom fighter Bal Gangadhar Tilak in the film.

The film is directed by Devendar Kumar Pandey and produced by Ghanshyam Patel.

The screenplay and dialogues are written by Dhiraj Mishra.

This movie will bring alive the life and times of the revolutionaries and also their contribution to the great freedom struggle.

Chapekar Brothers is all set to release on 2nd September 2016.

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