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5 most underrated performances of first half of 2016

Richa Chadha in Sarabjit

5 most underrated performances of first half of 2016

There are biopics, magnum opus projects, brilliant CGI, all kinds of movies are preceding over Bollywood. These movies are helmed by that one actor or sometimes a lead pair who enthrall the audiences. However sometimes, it’s those characters.

Roles and actors, whose performance was underrated but the role that they played were really satisfying and did justice to the character that they portrayed.

We take a look at some actors from the first half of the year2016, whose roles may have been not lengthy, but still managed to grab eyeballs and earn several acclaims:

Ratna Pathak in Kapoor & Sons
Our very own Maya from Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai, Ratna Pathak played the role of Sidharth and Fawad’s mother in Kapoor and Sons. Her role in the movie is a housewife who goes through a lot of uncertainties in the movie. She is flawless in the movie.

Richa Chadha in Sarbjit
While there was much talk about the roles of several actors reduced; it was Richa’s controlled and internalised role as Sukhpreet Kaur, wife of Sarabjit Singh that stood out the most of all the roles in the film. In fact, it was one particular scene, perhaps her lengthiest in the film which impressed the audiences so much that they kept longing for more of her in the film

Shriya Pilgaonkar in Fan
Multi-talented Shriya who made her Bollywood debut in Fan where she played Gaurav’s love interest did a fantastic job while portraying her role. Her role in the film was not much talked about. She had a very short role in the film but her performance for that short time was remarkable.

Vicky Kaushal in RR 2.0
The Cute next door looking boy Vicky Kaushal completely changed the perspective towards him after his bad cop role in Raman Raghav 2.0 We can clearly see the versatility of Vicky, changing from Masaan to RR 2.0 the role in the entire movie was less appreciated comparatively but the performance was definitely jaw dropping.

Manoj Bajpayee in Aligarh
There is no doubt when we talk about Manoj that he is extremely talented but there are many such roles played by him were not noticed and appreciated by audiences. One of those was him in Aligarh where he plays a character of a professor who teaches Marathi in Aligarh Muslim University and the movie is based on a true incident. Not just the movie but also the character of Manoj hits you right and makes you think twice about how the real professor felt.

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