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Amy Aela

Australian-Indian beauty Amy Aela has been breaking the internet with her vivacious moves, flawless beauty and versatile acting skills, but this time the glamorous diva is in the news for her pole dancing skills, The actress put up a story on Instagram flaunting her super-attractive pole dancing skills assumingly for her next Bollywood film. The entrepreneurial actress revealed, “Pole dancing…

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Ankush Chaudhary invests in Letsflix Marathi

Marathi films superstar Ankush Chaudhari aims at dishing out quality content for Maharashtrians worldwide having being involved as a investor in an upcoming Marathi OTT platform Letsflix Marathi. Ankush has acted in many Marathi blockbuster films like Dagdi Chawl, Duniyadari, Triple Seat, Classmates etc. He has been part of marathi film industry for more than 25 years with acting in…

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Ranju Ki Betiyaan

Mumbai, 25th February 2021: Sitting alone in the garden, Ranju remembers the time how Guddu Ji misbehaved on their first night and didn’t even come to see Shalu when she was born. Ranju Ki Betiyaan… The next day Lalita secretly takes Jamuna’s and Ranju’s contact numbers from Guddu Ji’s phone. Jamuna comes to Ranju’s house pretending that she needs money and…

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