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Alisha Khan’s DARE YOU set to release

Alisha Khan in Dare you

DARE YOU – starring Alisha Khan slated to release on 18th March!

In the times of crime against women increasing with each passing day, comes a film about Rape & Revenge.

Dare You is by far the boldest approach towards Rape & Revenge, written and directed by Denis Selarka & Mehul Simaria, Presented by Nutan Groups.

Director Denis Selarka & Mehul Simaria says: The message this film gives is, “Please don’t push today’s women beyond a limit. She can be shockingly brutal, lethal & ruthless”

Producer Narshi Vasani says: Dare You is related to the most sensitive topic with respect to Women Empowerment & Safety. To create awareness about rape in the society prompted me to associate with this film.

Starring Alisha Khan The film revolves around a Kashmiri college girl, Rani Diwan who comes to Mumbai for completing her higher studies only to be treated atrociously and how she chooses to respond.

The movie challenges the norms of the conventional cinema where such ghastly crimes are hushed upon. The movie boasts of being a shocking retaliation of a rape victim, Rani Diwan, a free spirited, strong willed girl from Kashmir who comes to Mumbai to complete her graduation. With her no-nonsense attitude and self-confidence, she soon gains popularity in the college.

However, she unintentionally attracts the attention of few spoiled brats who set their eyes on her and end up gang raping her. After the horrific incident, Rani shows exemplary courage. Instead of buckling down to the trauma or reporting the matter to the police, she decides to avenge the crime. Thus begins Rani’s journey to bring the rapists to justice! Dare You is a spine chilling emotional journey of a fearless Indian Girl taking a bold stand against rape.

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