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Internationally felicitated interior designer Anupama Sharma’s latest creation Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen

The latest interior designing project recently accomplished by Dr Anupama Sharma is the Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen spanning across 250 sq metres in the chic Lemon Tree Premier situated in Malad in Mumbai. Managed by a celebrity chef, Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen has become an ideal destination for top-notch personalities, leisure travelers and the trendy Gen Z of the city.

Hunky Dory  Bar & Kitchen
Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen

Dr Anupama Sharma can easily be handpicked amongst the highly acclaimed Celebrity Interior Designers and she is most sought after interior designer by the Elite Circle that ranges from top most Corporate Leaders, Diplomats, Sports celebrities and the Royal families for designing their Luxury Homes, opulent residences, grand estates and luxurious mansions. These homes and commercial establishments are often associated with elegance and exclusivity.

Speaking about her latest creation, Dr Anupama Sharma has a candid conversation with Paresh B. Mehta, Editor of –

What was the brief given to you by the client?
It’s interesting that when I was called for the meeting I had no idea about the assignment, just ready to hear the client’s inclinations and preferences, But it so happened that I was asked by them to put forth my designs and theme.

I was in a catch 22 situation for a split of a second, but spontaneously I suggested for an African theme and all were huh…. Now a bit about the behind story is that prior to my meeting, I was speaking on an international call with my friend who is a princess in Ghana princess and she is a very versatile woman too … So at that moment that struck my mind and I said let’s do an African design restaurant which no one has done and that’s how most of my designs were born and executed.

Hunky Dory  Bar & Kitchen designed by Anupama Sharma
Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen designed by Anupama Sharma

That phenomenal idea must have been instantly lapped by the top brass at Lemon Tree. How did you execute the plan in such a short span?
We started in January and could have finished it early but a lot of civil work was left to clear out for me to initiate my work. Therefore it took a while for me to start and here it is ready now for it’s launch on the 23rd of May.

What are the specialties as regards to colour of walls, the decor and other aspects regarding it’s mesmerizing ambience?
Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen is done in Black n White with a pop up colour of Red. I have used strong elements which stand out.

I’m fascinated by the African art and have brought African designs to Mumbai. There is a big sculpted face and waterfalls that instantly strike it’s guests. One has to personally visit there to experience the African magic!

Hunky Dory  Bar & Kitchen
Hunky Dory Bar & Kitchen

How do you manage to come up with contemporary and ingenious style as regards to the design, colour, artefacts, paintings, lights and other nitty-gritties in each of your creations?
I go by the flow, the place tells me what to do and the design just flows…

Dr Anupama Sharma is a celebrity interior designer recently felicitated by mid-day for her original and avant-garde creations. She is an internationally recognized personality.

Photographs: courtesy Devanshu Kashyap

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