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Sai Ketan Rao plays the emotionally vulnerable; classy guy in Imlie

Sai Ketan Rao

Playing the character of a rugged yet kind hearted Police Officer in the Television show Imlie, Sai Ketan Rao outlines the preparations for portraying different personalities in his Television series.

Sai Ketan Rao is a famous Indian actor. He is known for portraying the lead role of Raghav Rao in Star Plus’ shows – Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali.  He was later seen in Star Plus’ show Chasni as Raunak Babbar. He is newly observed playing the double lead role of Agastya Singh Chaudhary and Surya Pratap in Star Plus’ prominent serial Imlie.

Upon posing the question about the two different characters and the preparation for them in the show Imlie he responded, “I initiated in Imlie show as Agastya Singh Chaudhary who is a classy guy with a lot of responsibilities, a straightforward person, who loves taking over the responsibilities of family and someone who respects everyone’s options. He is basically emotionally vulnerable. Subsequent to Agastya I am executing the role of Surya Pratap, who is rugged and a robin-hood kind of a police officer, he has his own set of rules and if justice is denied he handles the matter personally”.

He further adds that, “Both the roles are quite different from each other and I am truly blessed that I got this opportunity to play two different characters in a single show.”

He moreover mentions that, “Television has always had a time constraints factor where the time for preparation is less but fortunately I have cracked my code for both the roles and delivering as promised. Fans are always in awe as I have created two diverse personalities on the screen.”

Ketan also adds, “The role of the character of Agastya is quite challenging especially the dialect which demands speaking in Hindi, whereas on the flip side, Surya speaks in a rugged South Indian style Hindi. Also, the body language of Surya has an uncooperative stance. I am grateful to the makers and the channel who have trusted me on this part.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed playing both the roles simultaneously. I can’t pick on any one role as my favourite. So here both Agastya and Surya are my favourite.” states Sai Ketan Rao.

He further contributes by saying that, “Yes, I was definitely approached for Big Boss OTT and other reality shows but haven’t been keen on doing them as I am currently doing my television show, probably in future I can be a part of some adventurous reality show.”

When we further probed about his love life with his co actor, Sai cited that, “No, I am not dating anyone.We are just good co actors and good friends at work place.I feel as an actor one should focus on work more rather than other deviations.”

He further supplemented that, ” I am firstly thankful to all the viewers who are throughly supporting us by watching us daily on screen and it rather helps us as an actor to deliver much better.”

When we inquired about his take on no dating clause if ever to be added in his contract he mentioned ” It really won’t affect me as a person on any level, as I know I would go on the sets sincerely, do my work passionately and come back home.On a personal level, I don’t believe in dating at workplace.”

Sai Ketan Rao stated, “It would be a wonderful unite and I think it will again stir up attention among the audience since, they have loved the chemistry of mine and Shivangi Khedkar in *’Mehendi Hai Rachne Wali’* and if any such opportunity given in future, I would be happy to do the project.”

When asked if Agastya and Surya will ever come face to face in the serial *’Imlie’* he alluded that, I am not sure if they will ever come face to face but it might also happen.”

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