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Navneet Malik to play Gujarati character in Aankh Micholi, masters Gujarati dialect

Navnit Malik

The actor hailing from Haryana has been doing workshops and taking training lessons under a Gujarati cultural consultant. Navneet Malik who primarily hails from Haryana is going to play a Gujarati character in his upcoming show. As an actor one has to completely shed their skin and get into the skin of their character. And so is Navneet’s endeavor. The actor is learning Gujarati dialect to enhance his performance and get in the character for his show Aankh Micholi.

While talking exclusively to us, the Freelancer actor shares, “As an actor it is imperative to make yourself believe that you are the character. For my character of (name) I wanted to speak in a particular dialect, because the character has a certain accent and dialect. It is very important to understand that playing a character is not just mugging lines and delivering. I have started tutoring and learning the dialect, as it it important, that is only when I would be able to deliver my best. And it is safe to say that I have mastered the dialect.”

The actor has been taking training sessions under a Gujarati cultural consultant for over (share months or weeks). “I have been doing workshops, taking training lessons. It has been quite fun, I wouldn’t lie. Now I do understand the culture of Gujarat where the show is set. Also, this workshop did help me bring the cultural accuracy to play an emotional Gujarati boy,” he adds.

The actor who has been a part of a few films such as Heropanti 2, also believes that actors often have biases towards mediums and platforms. “I did hear from a few actors’ friends of mine saying that, ‘Why are you training for a show? People do it when they are working for a film’. But I am very clear that for me work is work, a project is a project. I will work hard for a TV show, for a movie and even for an advertisement. My passion for my work does not discriminate between mediums.”

In The Freelancer, Navneet played the role of Mohsin Fazal opposite Kashmira Pardeshi aka Aliya Khan. The two-part action thriller series centered on Aliya’s quest for escape amid challenging conditions, featuring stellar performances by Mohit Raina, Kashmira Pardeshi, and Anupam Kher.

Navneet Malik’s upcoming starrer Aankh Micholi, revolves around Rukhmini, an undercover cop caught in the conflict between her dream of becoming an IPS officer and her family’s insistence on her settling down.

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