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Kumar Sanu captivates audiences during 14 shows across US & Canada in his career’s Longest Musical Tour

Kumar Sanu's 14 concerts across US and Canada

Guinness World Record holder for recording the maximum number of songs in a single day, Kumar Sanu has undertaken the longest-ever tour of his career, named ‘Unforgettable 90s,’ which included 14 shows across US and Canada. Having a widespread fan following world over with several golden songs during the 90s, has daaded another feather to his cap by undertaking the longest tour for any Indian singer, spanning across the USA and Canada from May to June, along with another acclaimed singer, Sadhna Sargam.

The tour covered cities such as Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Dallas, Detroit, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, Columbus, Calgary, Toronto, Raleigh & Lauderdale.

He is known for his captivating performances and has won billions of hearts across the globe with his super-hit songs. He treated his fans to his most popular numbers, Bollywood hits, and soul-stirring melodies, creating an unforgettable musical experience with Sadhna Sargam. Immediately after the announcement of their special tour by the organizer, Shree Balaji Entertainment, tickets for every show were sold out in the blink of an eye.

Talking about the concerts, the renowned Kumar Sanu said, “While I have toured in the past, this particular tour is now etched in a special place in my career. Performing 14 shows in one go is a significant milestone for any singer, and I am grateful for the opportunity to entertain my fans, especially alongside Sadhna Sargam. Sadhna and I had sung a lot of amazing songs in Bollywood films, and our duets used to create magic for the audiences but performing together on stage for the first time created a new energy like never before and also some lifelong new memories. I always have had a homely experience performing for the warm crowd of US & Canada, but the prompt sell-out of tickets along with the demand for another tour before we even finished this one, was truly validating for any artist.”

“During the tour, the organizer surprised me on Father’s Day by inviting Shannon to perform with me, and it was the highlight of the tour to share the stage with my daughter. Personally and professionally, I never imagined this tour would be so exceptional and memorable. Bringing back the 90s for Bollywood music lovers was like taking a walk down memory lane with Sadhna ji, and I can’t wait to return to entertain my audiences. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful to my fans for showering me with so much love.”

The undisputed king of melody in Bollywood, Kumar Sanu, is considered one of the most successful and iconic singers to have reigned over the Bollywood music industry for decades. Many people are unaware that he has sung more than 22,000 songs in over 26 languages and continues to make waves even three decades later, bringing the same enthusiasm to the stage to entertain his fans.

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