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Somesh Mathur graces the launch of Ashish Rego’s Tinté Foundation Animal Care Centre in Malad

Ashish Rego, Somesh Mathur launch Tinte Foundation

Creative Bollywood celebrity Ashish Rego, a renowned composer of Background Score who is supported by Somesh Mathur, Bollywood singer, songwriter and music producer were in appreciation of  Animal lovers for the announcement of inauguration of their Tinte Foundation Shelter in Madh area of Malad in North Mumbai. .

Ashish Rego explains about the selection of place for the Animal Shelter, “We have been working since several year to create an awareness among the Mumbaikars towards ‘our furry friends’. This is our mission in life. They aren’t humans but have a large heart. We have selected this huge space in Madh as it is located in a peaceful surrounding with ample space for pets.

Ashish Rego (left) and Somesh Mathur with rescued strays
Ashish Rego (left) and Somesh Mathur with rescued strays

Ashish Rego is one of the top composers of Background Score in India, having scored music for over 130 TV shows and 30 Web series, has won hundreds of International awards and has created Background Score that can be termed as the largest body of musical score work in the world. Now Ashish dedicates a substantial time and efforts towards the Welfare of Animals.

“TINTE is an acronym of THIS IS NOT THE END. This is just the beginning of a new life of strays that are brought here,” reveals Ashish Rego about the naming of this Animal Care centre as Tinte Foundation Centre.

Tinte Foundation is spread across 2,400 square feet area in Madh area of Malad West. Presently they have facilities to provide care and help to 60 strays. With the setting up of this shelter which could be a role model, Ashish aims to create an awareness throughout the country to set up such shelters for strays.

Ashish is also supported by Dr Chirag Shah who has returned from the USA, having worked as a Vice President in an International Bank. Thus is what the US returned philanthropist had to say, “We often see many cats and dogs who are left helpless on the streets. I want the new generation to see us work towards the Welfare of Strays and learn from it. I am not doing it for me…. I am doing it for the Gen Next.”

Rego further explained, “This foundation was established a year ago with setting up a small centre in Amboli, Andheri where we received many cases and hence the need for a larger space which we have now provided for the service to stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals – mostly dogs and cats – that can be taken care of.”

While Ashish Rego who is supported by Somesh Mathur for this noble activity through Tinte Foundation, is on the look out for any other Bollywood celebrities who seriously dedicate resources and their time for such Animal Welfare activities, rather than just post pics with their pets on Social Media platforms that fetch them thousands of likes.

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