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Wilson Louis  directorial short film PERFECT TIMING – A superhit in Film Festivals world over 

Perfect Timing
Anything that one desires to achieve in life or something positive to happen, whether it is your success or bagging a project or anything personal, that could take some time or a longer period, but when it happens – that will be THE PERFECT TIME. There is a saying – God’s timing is Perfect Timing- Never Early, Never Late.

Whether it is Creator’s Divine Intervention or whether it is a miracle about how it happens, or it could have uncanny resemblance; that amazing event occurs through natural laws that we call it miracle. It is impossible to analyze the justification of this amazing result to happen, but whatever time it takes, in whatever form, it will definitely come.

This is the summary of Perfect Timing an inspirational fictional short film. Wilson Louis, the writer and director of this International awards winning short film speaks to Paresh B Mehta.

What was the thought behind making this film?

The Perfect Time, this short film’s subject germinated through my personal experience as I always used to delve into observation of miraculous happenings. Initially I thought that probably there could be some science behind it, but this repetitive pattern further increased my curiosity. Whenever I heard the stories that it happened to him or her, and being in the film medium, I thought why not let millions of people know about the occurrence and share it with them in an entertainment format rather than a text medium or a documentary.

A feature film maker venturing into shorts. Can you please explain?

I have done thriller, horror and emotional films and realized that feature films require a massive budget. I wanted to explore some of the several small but interesting ideas on a reasonable budget and all one needs is a camera and shoot if you have a good idea. Amazingly some of the shorts of a few minutes duration are working so well today with millions watching them on their smartphones and getting tons of information which may not be conveyed in a one hour film.

In today’s context let me put it this way that you can put hundreds of crores and mess up with Ramayana whereas for example even a small comic book/graphic Av on the subject can do a great story or perfect execution.

If you can please explain what Perfect Timing is about?

What has to happen will happen at the perfect time, the correct time and later on the person may realize that it was at that time it was supposed to happen and it will not be early or late.

There would be a lot of things that one would desire to do for their close ones without taking credit for it, and then you make it happen as a family member or a friend, that time you would go out of the way to make that thing happen.

Most of us experience delays and setbacks in our career. Your comment please. 

Sometimes the world could be so cruel that whatever you had planned would not happen at any cost, but at that moment something like Divine intervention or just a coincidence could take place and make it happen. However big you are or however good Samaritan you would want to be and plan out something, remember that there is a bigger planner than you!

Perfect Timing is a nice little entertaining fictional short film with a sweet message that good things you want to do in life will happen,  the film has some great twists to keep one hooked and zapped. There are 30-40 such great stories I have in the kitty which after this short film, I would like to make parts or web series anthologies.

Are these incidents based on your personal experience?

I have examples of so many miracles happening to people around me, I try to explore how it happens, why and for what reason? I always make films based on my personal experiences. Like. once when I put in all my efforts to make a film on a particular subject but had difficulties in finding a producer. Later someone else made a film on that subject but it didn’t do well. Subsequently I made a film on another subject and that film went on to win awards. So what is nature trying to tell me? You want to make a film… it shall happen.  

 In between, I took to still photography as I wanted to understand frame, composition, lighting etc and roam around. I have bagged 7 International awards. Now when I am making a film I work much more also from the cameraman’s point of view while narrating my story.

You could have made a feature film on this subject, then why go in for making a short film?

First of all, there are no buyers for short films in India. So when you want to tell your story, you will have to understand that you might not get a producer/Ott to back your work. Most short filmmakers do not have the money to execute their dreams. The same happened with my film, the cast (Kunal Kumar, Rakesh Chaturvedi Om, Satish Sharma and Jaywant Wadkar) and my cinematographer Bhavesh Rawal were so amazed with the story that they didn’t accept their compensation as they believed in the film. In fact, they are forcing me to make The Perfect Timing 2.

Does that mean that it is a losing proposition to make short films?

It is not necessary that your short film will fetch you money, this is what most short filmmakers fail to understand. When I made the short film “The Liftman 6X 4”, it didn’t bring in any revenue. It gave me my first feature film “Ho Sakta Hai”, which then gave me “Kaalo”. Isn’t this barter deal a better bargain? There are chances that your short film is bought by OTT channels.

When do viewers get to see Perfect Timing?

We have begun with sending it to film festivals. I want to show to our Indian people first that a lot of things are connected locally, though it has a global theme. I was amazed that an Indian story worked so well in International Film Festivals that it has bagged several awards.

Perfect Timing – a film by Wilson Louis is expected to stream on leading OTT platforms by October-November.

This short film is a winner of Over 12 International Film Festivals including Golden Lion International Film Festival, Korea International Short Film Festival and Indo French International Film Festival several other festivals.

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