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UVAA – Hindi movie review

Awakening of the Youth


UVAA hindi movie review

UVAA means the ‘youth’ where one’s teenage years are a combination of Love, friendship, romance, fun and frolic. Vibrant and Colurful is life of these youth as depicted in UVAA which is the story of 5 friends in the school. It is the story of comradeships and camaraderie in the adolescence phase of ones life.

The concept appears interesting which is let down by its pacing and story telling. There are moments with sparks of brilliance from the characters of UVAA which are then diluted with repeatedly display of over the top emotions. UVAA has a pleasant journey in the first half, promising a thrilling story post the Interval, which again disappoints in the second half.

Those formative years when the youth is on the cusp of adulthood with a trace of innocence, the years when the child is no more a child, drifting away from parents and yearning for a bonding in the form of ‘Friendship’.

These five friends are ever ready to be present whenever any of them is in trouble. For them love is a different issue and in fact it is something different. Their concept of love seems out of this world. Love them or Hate them. Anyone who comes in touch with them would realize that they are a different breed all together.

Then, all of a sudden, an incident changes their life in an instant. The friends are together for group study at one of their homes, and sometime during the night before the examination, three of them venture out for relaxation. The excuses given by each of them are ridiculous.

As mentioned earlier, it is during such moments, the storytelling lacks the maturity, with each of them reacting in such an artificial manner.

Coming back to the story, the trio out in the night witness an incident where a badly tortured girl is thrown out of a SUV which speeds, stops, dumps the girl and just speeds away.

Despite deliberations between them, they manage to take the victim to a hospital, where she is taken to the Emergency Ward and then it is announced that the victim is in severe condition and later on goes into Coma.

As mentioned, there is freshness in the characters who appear to be the innocent victims of bad story telling. To put it simply, there are many moments where the viewer would be treated with amateurish and lengthy portrayal of incidents, especially in the second half which promised to be a thriller.

An extra star for those pivotal characters – the UVAA of the film.


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Jimmy Shergil as SP Tejveer Singh
Om Puri as Hukum Pratap Choudhary
Rajit Kapoor as Principal
Sanjay Mishra as Batuk Nath Vyakul
Archana Puran Singh as Jayshri Bhatiya
Vikrant Rai as Ram Pratap Choudhary
Lavin R Gothi as Vikram Tyagi
Mohit Baghel as Salman Khan
Bhupendra Singh”Megh” as Deen Bandhu
Rohan Mehra as Anil Sharma
Yukti Kapoor as Roshni
Vinti Idnani as Nisha
Poonam Pandey 1 as Pooja
Sheena Bajaj as Rashmi
Sangram Singh as Coach Sangram Singh
Raju Mawani as Diwaan
Manish Chaudhary as Pramod Mittal Advocate
Vicky Ahuja as Shrikant Tyagi
Elena Kazan as Kanaklata (English Teacher)
Jitu Shivhare as Salasir
Neha Khan as Mala
Shefali Singh as Yoga Teacher
Vraddhi Sharma as Jyoti

Presented By – Dhanraj Jethani
Produced By – Anil D Jethani, Chandresh D Jethani
Story And Directed By – Jasbir Bhaati
Director Of Photography – Digvvijay Siingh
Creative Producer – Sagar Shukla, Ravina Thakur
Screenplay And Dialogues – Dharmendra V Singh, Shailendra Tiwari, Bhupendra Singh “Megh”
Editor – Prashant Singh Rathore
Music – Rashid Khan, Palash Muchhal, Hanif Shaikh, Pravin-Manoj
Lyrics – Bhupendra Singh “Megh”,
Singers- Siddharth Mahadevan, Palak Muchhal
Mohd.Irfan, Jasraj Joshi, Sujata Mujumdaar,
Amit Mishra, Shiv Singh Benawra
Sound Design & Background Score – Hanif Shaikh
Choreographer – Mudassar Khan (Jiyo Lalla- Mudassar Khan, Firoz Khan)
Art Director – Prabhat Kiran Jha


UVAA, Hindi movie review

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