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Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho – Hindi Movie Review

It happens only in India


Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho, film review

A political satire loosely based on a real event in Rajasthan, in which a high court sentenced a boy to jail for allegedly raping a buffalo.

Debutant Director Vinod Kapri’s film is set somewhere in Haryana instead, and thats the reason that the film has a mix of Hindi and Haryanvi dialogues.

The film opens on a colorful beginning, in a rustic ‘mela’ (village fair) with surprises all around. A pundit claiming to bring a Goddess to life in the form of a young girl sitting on a chair in a static blessing posture. The villagers seem to be convinced. Other attractions include, apart from the stand giant wheels, merry-go-round, a sensuous item song “Naach Basanti” and the a beauty competition of buffaloes.

The winner is an elderly sarpanch’s (a local village chief) buffalo from Tanakpur village. The buffalo is crowned as “Miss Tanakpur” and thats the title of the movie revolving around preposterous and bizzare events.

The elderly sarpanch (Annu Kapoor) has a beautiful young wife (Hrishita Bhatt) and so he is ever doubting her whereabouts and ever sniffing around with a doubt that she has an affair with a young and handsome man (Rahul Bagga) of her age.

This sarpanch has a family Tantrik cum Godman (Sanjay Mishra) who prescribes absurd remidies often. When the Sarpanch instructs him to find out the culprit who is supposedly having an affair with his young wife, the Tantrik resorts to crazy methods like whispering behind a skull to find out a foolish remedy like hunting for a dogs finger bone, dust below the culprits feet and a portion of the culprit’s stool.

The Sarpanch and his henchman (Ravi Kissen) set out to accumulate the stuff which puts off the viewer.

Anyways, that remedy doesn’t work out. So the Tantrik gives another harebrained idea of framing the woman’s lover to frame him under the charges of raping the Sarpanch’s buffalo. The local policeman initially reluctant, finally, after his palms are greased the Policeman files a FIR charging the young man.

A film that has an interesting beginning lands up with a total mess towards the end.

The innocent buffalo Miss Tanakpur is the star of this film, with Annu Kapoor lending some realistic and funny moments. Ravi Kissen really looks the part he plays. Om Puri is too loud for his role. Hrishita Bhatt hasn’t much to do except move around in a village lassie’s outfits.

The film is based on an illogical premise of a man alleged to have raped a buffalo, and he is taken to the courts. A mockery of the Indian Judicial System. However, it is claimed right at the beginning that the story is inspired by true events and it is this fictionalized version of true events that occured sometime back in india. That the Khap Panchayat forced a man to get married to a buffalo. Ridiculous.


Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Annu Kapoor as Sualaal Gandass – The Sarpanch of Tanakpur
Hrishita Bhatt as Maya (Sarpanch’s wife)
Om Puri as Matang Singh (Cop)
Sanjay Mishra as Pandit / Shastri
Ravi Kissen as Bheema (The Sarpanch’s henchman)
Rahul Bagga as Arjun Prasad
Kamlesh Gill as Arjun’s aunt
V K Sharma as Arjun’s father
Brijendra Kala as Luttan Singh (Arjun’s lawyer)
Govind Pandey as Bhanwar Singh (Sarpanch’s lawyer)
Anoop Trivedi as Rambeer
Arjun Singh Faujdar as Narayan (Arjun’s friend)
N.K. Pant as Veterinary doctor
Ankur Chaudhry as Arjun’s friend (Sattu)
Banner – Crossword Films Poduction, Fox Star Studios
Producer – Vinay Tiwari
Director – Vinod Kapri
Story – Vinod Kapri, Abhishek Sharma
Music Director – Palak Muchhal, Sushmit Sen
Lyricist – Sanjeev Sharma, Vinod Kapri, Sakshi Joshi
Editor – Deven Murdeshwar
Background Music – Vinayak Netke
Cinematography – Yogesh Jani
Screenplay – Vinod Kapri, Varun Gautam
Dialogue – Vinod Kapri, Varun Gautam


Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho, film review

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