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BAYKOLA HAVA TARI KAY – MX Player’s Exclusive Marathi Series trailer launched

Baykola Hava Tari Kay MX Player Marathi Web Series

Women are perfectionists. So are our Indian housewives and here is a web series that throws light upon the expectations of a woman from her husband – Baykola Hava Tari Kay. What does a woman want in her husband? Looks of a handsome dude, Singham like personality and authority and the calmness of a spiritual ‘follower’ not a guru! Not surprising, but then with ‘Such basic’ expectations, still the wife ends up feeling that the Almighty hasn’t blessed her husband with ‘just basic requirements’. This is what Director Priyadarshan Jadhav web series starring Shreya Bugde, Aniket Vishwasrao & Nikhil Ratnaparkhi explores.

MX Exclusive and a Mirchi Play Original – Baykola Hava Tari Kay brings viewers the comic story of Shreya (Shreya Bugde), an ordinary wife of an ordinary man (Aniket Vishwasrao), who manages to please Lord Krishna (Nikhil Ratnaparkhi) with her devotion and in exchange asks the Lord to upgrade her husband to a version that she finds is best for her.

Priyadarshan Jadhav dons the hat of director for this 6-episodic web series and speaking about the same, he said, “Everyone in life inevitably always wants to upgrade – upgrade to a new car, upgrade to a larger house…But what happens when you look for the same “upgrade” in your other half? This narrative brings out a sweet message along with Shreya, Aniket and Nikhil’s rib-tickling comic timing and I hope the viewers enjoy watching it.”

Shreya Bugde added saying, “My character is that of a simple woman who wants the best for her husband and herself. All I can say is that with every time Lord Krishna says Tathastu, it is going to be fun and I can guarantee that by the end of it all, even he will be left wondering about what a wife really wants.”

MX Player has enthralled audiences time and again with its slate of multi-genre Marathi web series like Samantar, Aani Kay Hava 1 & 2, Pandu and Idiot Box amongst others. All episodes of this series will stream for free, starting 4 December – exclusively on MX Player.

Watch the trailer now:

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