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Sorry Daddy – Hindi movie review

An expose on the rampant issue of child exploitation


Sorry Daddy, hindi movie review

An action thriller about a diligent cop who stumbles upon the racket of Child trafficking.

A Children’s story centering on the turbulent relationship between Inspector Shamim and Children, a relationship which is affected by Children’s issues with alcohol, begging, abuse and temperament.

We have Inspector Ravi Sharma (Shamim Khan), a honest, upright and a diligent police officer.

Single handedly, he has just burst the racket of Daddan’s (Mukesh Tiwari) illegal wine factory which shows his intention against the enemy of law and society. At home, his daughter Anishka seeks his help to find out her lost school friend Aditya.

The child Aditya is a very bright student but appears looking puzzled as he has drunkard father who frequently harasses his mother on the pretext of gaining money to buy his daily dose of alcohol. One day the fight takes an ugly turn and his mother pushes his father, who dies accidentally.

Aditya runs away from the home in fear. The cops arrest his mother as the prime suspect and she lands in prison. Innocent Aditya walks randomly in the city and meets a gang of street beggars who help him on several ocassions.

Unfortunately the innocent child lands in cage of Sevak Ram (Tinu Verma), a socialist who runs a self-organization for the betterment of these street children.

But the fact is that he makes them physically handicapped to push them in the business of begging.

Ravi searches Aditya every possible place with his time but is unable to find him.

In this process he comes to know that there is lot of people who runs racket of begging and forcing the kidnapped/loss/poorer street children in this business.

On several ocassions, one feels why does the cop not investigate about the boy’s absence by looking into the school records.

There are moments where the innocent mother faces the wrath of a drunkard father.

Halfway through the film, one wonders, which century are we living in? A ‘sati savitri’ wife tolerating her husband’s atrocities, kids begging on the streets, a single cop taking on several dozens of bad men single-handedly.

The film is apologetic towards the dad. What about the viewers?


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Banner – S.K. Films Entertainments
Produced by Wasim S Khan
Directed by Vijay Pal & Shakur Sir
Co-producer Ramzan Solanki
Associate Producer – Uday Singh
Music by Vaisnav Deva & Liyakat Ajmeri
Lyrics by Faiz Anwar
Writer Salim Ahmed
Editor Ashfaque Makrani
D.O.P. – Hashmukh Rajput
Action Shakeel Shaikh & James Warla
Choreographer Shakur Shaikh.
Narrator – Raza Murad
Shamim Khan as Inspector Ravi Sharma
Tinnu Verma as Sevak Ram
Gayatri Singh as Aditya’s mother
Mukesh Tiwari as Daddan
Raghuvir Yadav as the Fakir
Razzak Khan as
Amrit Pal
Javed Khan
Shehzad Khan
Sorry Daddy, hindi movie review

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