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THE SILENT HEROES – Hindi movie review

Specialy abled kids achieve the impossible, never achieved before!


The Silent Heroes Movie review

These specially abled kids achieve the impossible, never ever attempted the world over.

No words to speak, No sound to hear, Just a dream to fulfill.

This describes best about this honest film, an adventurous and emotional story of 13 REAL deaf and mute children on a Himalayan mission, their struggle for survival, their courage and their heroism.

A fictional story of 13 deaf children from a school in Uttarakhand who want to work on something which shall bring them respect and that the world shall look up to them.

This school is run by two teachers who feel that if these children become mountaineers then their dream to rise high above everyone shall be realized, after all mountaineering is a difficult sport and attempting the same with deaf children is much bigger challenge.

The film then focuses on their trainer and his haunting past which compels him to help them, story of their rigorous training and unfolding events in Himalayas and rejections by other trainers, their final expedition and then extreme weather and challenges during this expedition with an unexpected and extremely thrilling climax to this expedition and their dream journey through the mountains.

More than these children, it is their parents who are excited about this and hence the children want to pursue this dream but they need a helping hand, a guide,someone to train them and believe in their nearest impossible dream.

Everything about this film is fresh, these children were selected from a deaf school and trained specifically for this film , this film was shot in bone chilling weather and at remote unexplored locations in Uttarakhand Himalaya with a fresh cast and crew.

It speaks for those specially abled children, who have a dream in their life. These children want to see their parents happy and smiling with their achievements.

There must be several adventures and feats achieved by these so called ‘deaf and mute children’, and The Silent Heroes depicts one particular case where even the training staff and other adventure professionals are blinded with the belief about they being the supreme individuals, and the others are just masses, and when it comes to the specially abled, the society looks down upon them as a burden on the society.

This is proved wrong by this film which has an antagonist ever willing to look down upon this group who have braved to achieve the impossible, not only impossible, it is a feat which has never been attempted anywhere in the world.

THE SILENT HEROES is world’s first film with Real DEAF actors and is perhaps the first attempt by a film maker to create story with these special children as Heroes and not as sympathy seeking individuals.

Directed by Mr Mahesh Bhatt (debut feature film), who has been working with various national & international television channels on socially relevant stories and adventure stories for more than 2 decades, this film is for select audiences.

Sonu Nigam has rendered his voice for some emotional songs for these children which is ably supported by a fresh music team .

It is worth the experience to watch the Heroism of these extraordinary children.

Shot on real locations of the picturesque Uttaranchal amidst the backdrop of snow clad Himalayan range. An artistic film, unlike the commercial Bollywood types, THE SILENT HEROES has been screened at various film festivals where it was applauded with excellent audience response at the Kolkata International children’s film fest, Dehradun international film fest and Prayag international film festival.

Quodos to the team of THE SILENT HEROES. Applauds to Maanuv Bharadwaj and the cast, considering those 13 specially abled kids who have achieved the impossible.

The Silent Heroes is for those who believe in the abilities of the specially abled, and the accomplishment of the unimaginable from these kids.

Click on the thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Maanuv Bharadwaj as Kapil Malhotra
Priyanka Panchal as Gauri Singh
Mann Bagga as Dipankar
Simran Deep as Hima
Nirmal Kumar Pant as Colonel Thapa
Child Artistes: (Real Deaf)
Tarun Bhargav, Gurfareen Bano, Khwaish Gupta, Aashish Chauhan, Jaideep Rawat, Samrenn Bano, Prakhar Chamoli, Renu singh, Shweta Rawat, Radhika Chauhan, Nikhil Bhargav, Shalini Rawat and 8 other Child Artists


Cast & Crew:
Banner: Hans Production & Reality Films
Produced by: Kamal Birani & Mahesh Bhatt
Director: Mahesh Bhatt
Written By: Mahesh Bhatt
Music By: Rahul Mishra
Cinematography – Roopang Acharya
Editor – Alok Singh
Screenplay by Dr Piyoosh Rautela, Rituraj Bhatt
Lyrics by Rahul Mishra
Background score by Aashish Jha
Sound Designer – Narendra Sinha
Exe. Producer – Dr. Piyoosh Rautela
Creative producer – Maanuv Bharadwaj
Costume: Rituraj
Shooting Locations: Himalayan Mountains Of Uttarakhand
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media
THE SILENT HEROES – Hindi movie review

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