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Hate Story 3 – Movie review

Open Love. Hidden Hate.


Hate Story 3, movie review

An erotic revenge thriller, a third installment of the ‘Hate Story’ franchise, this one filled with love, romance, sex, betrayal, back-stabbing, revenge and suspense.

Hate Story 3 begins with the inauguration of ‘Vikram Dewan Memorial Hospital’ at the hands of Aditya Singh Dewan (Sharman Joshi) & Siya Singh Dewan (Zareen Khan) to establish that Aditya Dewan and Siya Dewan are large hearted philanthropists.

But the fact is otherwise as even once Siya is questioned of getting married to the younger brother of the person she was in love.

Aditya Dewan is a top industralist with interests in diversified industries. His latest success story is that of a soft drink which has taken the market by storm. Aditya is lucky to have a beautiful wife (Siya) at home and a sharp and sensuous office mate Kaya Sharms (Daisy Shah) who started as a secretary in his company, and within a timeframe of few years is now capable of steering a seven fold rise in the sales of Aditya’s soft drinks venture.

This is followed by an ‘indecent proposal’ from Saurabh Singhania (Karan Singh Grover), which enrages Aditya to that extent that he leaves the lunch meeting midway.

Saurabh is the nemesis in the life of Aditya, who begins with framing Aditya with adultrated (poisoned) soft drinks, which leave the factory in closure of production of the fast selling product.

Then comes another salvo in the form of exposing the under-the-table dealing of Aditya with a Politician, which leads to death of Aditya’s secretary (Daisy Shah) and now the industrialist is behind the bars.

This triggers a war between the two with attacks, counter attacks and then followed with the female characters having steamy scenes with the antagonist.

The talented and smart, hot girl Kaya Sharma is made a scapegoat twice, once while the soft drink venture is in trouble, and then used as a bait to seduce Saurabh Singhania.

Hate Story 3 can be credited with its fast paced editing and cool tunes like the newer version of ‘Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai’.

It holds the viewers grip throughout the first half. Extends it to the initial moments post interval, then onwards the story telling falters and becomes predictible. Considering the bright start, the suspense leaves no impact.
Sharman Joshi is the only character who infuses soul in his character. Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan are merely dolls who try to act and they succeed only in seducing the male leads with their sensuous, steamy scenes.


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Production company – T-Series
Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Vikram Bhatt
Directed by Vishal Pandya
Screenplay by Vikram Bhatt, Madhuri Banerji
Music by Amaal Mallik, Meet Bros, Baman

Sharman Joshi as Aditya Deewan
Zarine Khan as Siya Deewan
Karan Singh Grover as Saurav Singhania
Daisy Shah as Kavya
Puja Gupta in a special appearance
Hate Story 3, movie review

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