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Boonie Bears Guardian Code – movie review

Emotional bonding of mother bear with her cubs


Boonie Bears - Guardian Code movie review
Boonie Bears Guardian Code is one film that the parents can comfortably take their primary school kids to cinema theatres. It’s not mere animation that should resonates well with the Indian audience but the film has that emotional connect of the kids with their mothers. The film should interest the children as it has been strategically released during the summer vacation in schools. It’s Hindi dubbed version – Boonie Bears Mumma Ki Khoj has simultaneously been released in cinema halls across India.
This 11th feature film from the Boonie Bears animated franchise is the story of 2 lovable Bear Cubs Briar & Bramble who have been living happily with their mother Barbara in the forest of Crystal Peaks until a devastating fire separates them from their mother. What is charming in the scenes in the beginning having adorable voice overs by Siobhan Lumsden for young Bramble and the most cutest voice over by Nichalia Schwartz for the character of young Briar.
Highlight of the film is that particular dialogue by the Mother Bear (voice over by Kally Khourshid) speaking when the cubs were about to be separated from her –
I don’t want to give up my children.
When I am holding these two, I feel so much love.
When these cubs are hungry, I will feed them.
When they cry, I can comfort them.
When it’s colder, I will hold them close to my heart.
They will always have me to protect them.

The mother bear, who dotes on her children in particular would strike chords with Indian mothers and children as this resonates with the Indian culture and family values.

One night there is a fire in the forest and the mother bear disappears during a fire. Some years later, logger Vick takes Briar and Bramble on a trip to visit the Robot Research Institute. While there, the trio uncover a clue relating to the bear’s mother. Suddenly, all of the answers surrounding her disappearance are about to be revealed.

Now that the brothers are convinced with the mysterious clue about their mother being alive, the duo along with Vick and Charlotte face thrills and adventure during the mission to explore the clue about the whereabouts of the mother bear. Determined to unravel the mystery of her disappearance with grit & courage, the bear brothers ultimately emerge victorious by confronting the truth & rescuing her.

The visuals and sound effects add to the narrative of the film as it pick up pace with the grown up brothers fighting the evil forces. The voice over artistes for the young cubs are just fascinating with the storytelling proceeding forward with moments of flash-backs.

With a super thrilling climax, Boonie Bears Guardian Code has moments of laughter, cry, sadness, emotions and thrills that the young ones would surely enjoy.

Running time –  95 minutes
Cast of Boonie Bears: Guardian Code- (Voice Actors)
Young Briar – Nichalia Schwartz
Young Bramble – Siobhan Lumsden
Briar – Patrick Freeman
Bramble – Joseph S. Lambert
Vick – Paul (Maxx) Rinehart
Barbara (Mother) / Ursa – Kally Khourshid
Charlotte – Olivia Seaton-Hill
Roland – Chris Boike
Leonard – Chris Boike
Professor Sue – Nicola Vincent
Credits of Boonie Bears: Guardian Code-
Production company – Fantawild
Distributed in India by Ultra Media & Entertainment
Directed by Lin Yongchang, Shao Heqi
Written by Cui Tiezhi, Liu Zhenjie, Xu Yun
Produced by Liu Yanjuan, Li Xiaohong, Wang Qiang, Wang Lei & others
Edited by Tang Jinyang, Huang Yanping
Music by Qin Zao, Li Zhiping