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The Lost Girl – movie review

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The Lost Girl - Movie review

It is the tagline – Based on true events that creates curiosity about what happened during the Sikh riots. One gets emotional with the central character and makes you wonder whether riots, arson, etc – are they really worth it? It is an irony that most of us do not realize that life is precious. People ought to value the human life that is endowed upon us by the almighty. The Lost Girl movie review….

A heart wrenching true story of a 5 years old girl Suhani separated from her family during the brutal Sikh riots in Delhi. Just imagine the plight of a 5 year old girl child getting separated from her parents, usually the children are closer to their mothers. It is a universal belief that at this tender age the child, be it a girl or a boy – feeling the void after getting detached from his or her loved ones. Further, the child sees her close ones getting killed during the riots.

The child artist playing the character of Suhani comes up with realistic portrayal of the young one who goes through the troubles in the company of the strangers. What is impressive is the screen presence of Prachi Bansal who plays the grown up character of the lost child Suhani. Prachi is gaining popularity with her portrayal of revered Sita who embodies the grace and resilience that defines Goddess Sita in the popular Television serial Shrimad Ramayan.

This compelling tale touches the hearts of the audience. It is the story of resilience of a 5-year-old girl who gets separated from her family, and her journey is an inspirational example for millions of other who have lost all in their lives.

The maker pointed out, “According to a report, approximately 1.3 million women and girls have gone missing in our country between 2019 and 2021. The Lost Girl is a true story of one of these victims.” Among the pivotal characters essayed in this films, the main roles are played by Prachi Bansal, Aronica Ranoliya, Bhupesh Singh, Poonam Jangra, Navin Nishad and others. The film is emotionally gripping

The director’s vision is clear – he sees the world as one big community and wants to connect people through storytelling. The Lost Girl aims to raise awareness about such futile issues globally.
Cinematography by Farooque Khan is creditworthy and the costumes are meticulously designed keeping the bygone era in mind.

(Runtime – 120 minutes)

The Lost Girl – Cast
Prachi Bansal
Aronica Ranoliya
Bhupesh Singh
Poonam Jangra
Navin Nishad
Raveesh Singh
Raman Nassa
Akshay Mishra
Shekhar Yadav
Suman Sen
Sunil Bharti
Neeva Malik

The Lost Girl – Credits & Crew
Banner – Admake India Media Pvt. Ltd, AR Films, AR Studios
Producer – Aditya Ranoliya
Director – Aditya Ranoliya
Music Director & Composer – Veivek Asthaana
Lyricist – Apoorva Ashish, Aditya Ranoliya
Writer – Aditya Ranoliya
Screenplay – Aditya Ranoliya & Jay Shankar Prasad
Costume Designer – Simi Ranoliya
Executive Producer – Priyanka Saini
Assistant Directors – Amit Baranwal, Parag S Javalkar
Editor – Arvind Akhilesh Shukla
Cinematographer – Farooque Khan
Marketing Director: Abhishek Sood (Tug Of Toonz)
PR Agency – Fame Media (Wasim Siddique – Nazma Shaikh)
Distributed By – Panorama Studios International Ltd