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Bhram – movie review

An Illusion


Bhram, movie review

Bhram is the story of a business tycoon family of two brothers Shantanu (Dino Morea) and Devendra (Milind Soman) rolling in the goodies life has to offer. The younger brother Shantanu is loved by his elder brother and bhabhi (Simone Singh) who dote on him just as much as he does on them.

Shantanu falls in love with Antara Tyagi (Sheetal Menon) the super model. The time comes when his sweetheart and his brother come face to face.

Devendra reminds Antara of the man who had raped and murdered her sister. Accusations fly forth. The film now goes on to investigate whether Dev, a happily married, rich man, did actually commit the crime so many years ago.

Everything changes post that. Antara’s life had changed forever after an incident that took place in her childhood. Shantanu is on a mission to unearth and unmask this mysterious man from her past.

The story of Bhram as a whole may not be high class, but treatment and handling more than made up for it. Debutante Sheetal Menon, plays a hard core model, who makes no bones nor made a big deal about her lifestyle. The film has plenty of steamy scenes and sexy girls. Bhram is spicy, sexy, saucy and suggestive but the director has maintained dignity in his treatment and shot takings.

The film keeps shifting between the present and flashback scenes. We see the tortured damsel in distress Antara, and Shantanu, her knight in shining armour. Everything seems to be going well until the intermission. The second half is faster and works better than the first. Secrets are revealed, illusions are shattered, and we begin to see people for what they really are.

Bhram is innovative in its characters, the look and has free use of profanities. It is not a big budget film and admirable it is to see the technical perfection, impressive background score and implementation of new techniques and creative innovations. The climax shot at Rohtang Pass is awe inspiring!! Admire the guts to shoot scenes like this in such difficult locations, which are simply brilliantly shot, stylized and slick and bring such freshness in the treatment of relationships!

Dino Morea and Sheetal Menon do a good job. Milind Soman, who plays Shantanu’s brother, does not have much screen time. Simone Singh is like a breath of fresh air, playing elder brother Milind’s wife, has great screen presence, turns in a natural performance as the lovable bhabhi. But the actual stars of Bhram are the Director Pavan Kaul and the Cameraman Hiru Keswani.

CAST of Bhram:
Shantanu – Dino Morea
Devendra – Milind Soman
Antara – Sheetal Menon … Antara
Simone Singh
Chetan Hansraj
Sheetal Shah

CREDITS of Bhram:
Banner – Magna Films
Producer – Nari Hira
Director – Pawan Kaul
Cast – Dino Morea, Milind Soman, Sheetal Menon, Simone Singh, Chetan Hansraj
Music Directors – Pritam, Siddharth Suhas
Lyrics – Kumaar, Irshad Kamil
Writer – Bhavani Iyer
Screenplay Dialogues – Radhika Anand
Cinematography – Hiroo Keswani
Film Editing – K. Rajagopal
Costume Designer – Neeta Lulla
Playback Singers – Sonu Nigam, Suraj Jagan, Shaan, Richa Sharma, Kay Kay, Siddharth Suhas, Sunaina, Khushboo Jain, Earl D’Souza
Music Company – Times Music
Bhram, movie review

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