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Shaurya – movie review

Story of justice, honour, faith and belief in yourself…


Shaurya, movie review

Shaurya is a film about “Courage”, courage to believe in yourself and your ideals and courage to uphold these very ideals and live them.

Captain Javed Khan (Deepak Dobriyal) is a man wronged by his country by the very men who he fought with and who were his friends. Siddhant (Rahul Bose), whose only aim in life was to escape reality and wasn’t ready for what life brought him. The plucky young journalist Kaavya (Minissha Lamba), who never understood why it was difficult to speak the truth.

Aakash (Jaaved Jaaferi) for whom living the rules was the only way to live life.Brigadier Rudra Pratap Singh (Kay Kay Menon), is a man who lived by his own rules even if they were against humanity. Javed Khan is charged with mutiny, treason and killing a fellow officer. Even when he is held for court martial, he refuses to speak in his defense, as the secret he holds is too powerful for the establishment to handle.

The plot of Shaurya revolves around the court-martial of a junior army officer, who murders his senior, who kills innocent people in fake encounters under the wings and directions of a Brigadier, who was using his personal hatred against Muslims, to plan fake encounters, as his family had been killed by a Muslim.

Assigned for this task are Siddhant and Aakash… two best friends, lawyers and very ambitious individuals who have contrasting views on life.

Nevertheless, this one case will change their lives… forever. The case takes them to Srinagar. While Aakash, for whom winning the case matters the most, follows the blueprint, Sid discovers a new meaning in life, Kaavya, Javed and of course the man in question, Brigadier Pratap…

While in a party, Sameer Khan witnesses a murder being committed. First reaction: he stays quite since he wouldn’t want to get entangled in a mess, and would not want to tarnish the name and fame he has achieved after a long struggle.

Initially Sameer thinks it futile to get into it after toiling day and night for his success. Furthermore, the culprits being sons of a politician and a liquor baron have top level connections, puts him off. Sameer Khan’s inner voice is awakened by his guru Sidhu (Pankaj Kapur) who still enacts street plays and it was his helping hand which led him to growth in his profession.

The midnight unplanned wedding of Javed Jaffery depicts the strength of friendship and male-bonding very beautifully. Story and screenplay are good and come out even better with the touchy dialogues. The ambience of the army base created for this movie, appears authentic, though some more research would have helped in portraying specially the minor details of the uniform and military etiquette.

Rahul Bose is impressive, bubbly Minisha Lamba livens up the proceedings, Javed Jaffery has done justice to his role, and KK and Deepak Dobriyal are the ones who shine in this flick. Kay Kay as Brigadier Pratap is brilliant when in the climax scene when he breaks down under the pressure of Rahul Bose, who is the defense lawyer. Deepak Dobriyal as the accused Captain Javed is just remarkable with his stern silence and nerve shaking blank looks which touch the soul directly. Seema Biswas has acted well too, in the small role of Javed’s mother. The music is soft and soothing and songs hummable. Congrats to the director Samar Khan.

Shaurya is the story of one man’s conviction, his ‘courage’ to make a right…right. It is a story of friendships put to test by this conviction. A story of finding courage within… where friendships are tested in the battle that matters the most…

CAST of Shaurya:
Rahul Bose – Major Siddhant Chaudhry
Jaaved Jaaferi – Major Aakash Kapoor
Minissha Lamba – Kaavya Shastri
Deepak Dobriyal – Captain Javed Khan
Kay Kay Menon – Brigadier Rudra Pratap Singh
Seema Biswas … Javed Khan’s Mother
Priyesh Kaushik – Reporter
Shahrukh Khan – (Voice)
Amrita Rao – Virendra’s widow
Jerifa Wahid – as Zerifaa

CREDITS of Shaurya:
Banner: Moserbaer India Ltd
Directed By: Samaria Khan
Producer Harish Dayani
Editor: Sanjeeb Datta
Music: Adnan Sami
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Written By: Jaydeep Sarkar, Aparna Malhotra, Samar Khan.
Cinematography: Carlos Catalán, Øystein Lundstrøm
Executive Producers – Rupali Mehra, Sanjay Routray
Sound Designer: Jeetendra Chaudhary
Executive Producer: Sanjay Routray
Production Designer: Wasiq Khan
First Assistant Director – Vartika Singh

Other Credits of Shaurya:
Production Controller – Priyesh Kaushik
Costume Designer: Pooja Chhabria
Production Manager – Priyesh Kaushik
DI And Visual Effects: EFX
Shaurya, movie review