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U Me aur Hum – movie review

A Tender Tale of Love


U me aur Hum movie review

Ajay Devgan makes an impressive debut as a Director with this touching tale of love. The film is based on most profound of human emotions in a story that is both tender and extremely moving. The film sets in a bizarre ambience for a charming journey right from the opening credits which are imaginatively designed inscribed with worldly love definitions. Ajay initiates his love story on a cruise-liner with his narrative which literally takes over to narrate a compelling story in the flashback mode.

Ajay is a happy-go-lucky, fun loving man, till he comes across Pia and falls head over heels in love. She does not immediately reciprocate, although later on she falls for his charm. They get married and lead a happy life, but destiny has something else for them.

U Me aur Hum begins with some forgetful moments, which occur often and then get finally diagnosed as Alzheimer’s disease. Quite a few touchy scenes especially when the child is about to drown, and the other one where she herself explains what is Alzheimer’s disease, unknown to the fact she herself suffers from it.

Kajol is exceptional in a scene while the doctor is diagnosing her condition, and she is breaking down in embarrassment and fright. The doctor tells her a line to relax her and she makes up a prudent line, grinning bravely through her tears. She is impressive with her spontaneity in the first half and even the delicate moments in the second half, which is probably one of her best performances to date. In fact, in this movie, she gives a more mature and restrained performance.

Being the lead actor, as well as the director its Ajay Devgan’s show all the way. His restrained style, the portraying of different shades of his character and using silence, he is just too good. Ajay Devgan also succeeds in extracting authentic performances from the entire cast. Sumeet Raghavan is significant as Ajay’s close friend. Divya Dutta and Karan Khanna are apt in their roles. Aseem Bajaj’s outstanding cinematography adds life to every frame in this opulent creation.

It is a film about the understandably dreaded Alzheimer’s disease. (It is a stage where a person develops problems with his forgetfulness and thinking which occurs due to loss of memory).

U Me aur Hum is the story of the love between Ajay and Pia, who meet aboard a cruise liner. She is a stewardess on board, while he is a passenger. Ajay Devgan is on the cruise along with his two friends, one who has an unhappily married life, while the other is very eager to get married.

And Devgan deals this powerful romantic drama with surprising maturity. There are some wonderful songs rendered by Adnan Sami, Shreya Ghosal and Sunidhi Chauhan.

Devgan not only handles his first film with great sensitivity and care, but adds a masterly touch when he ends it with an emotionally satisfying end.
It is a splendid, tragic film, but its love that triumphs in the hard journey of life.

Cast of U Me aur Hum:
Ajay – Ajay Devgan
Piya – Kajol
Ajay’s Son – Aditya Rajput
Chef – Aumckar
Hazel Croney
Shyam Adhatrao
Ramu Bashyal
Richa Bhattacharya
Adhir Bhatt
Robin Bhatt
Mrunal Despande
Vishesh Didwani
Divya Dutta
R.N. Jagtap
Karan Khanna
Sachin Khedekar
Meghna Kulkarni
Pramatesh Mehta
Milind Pathak
Sumeet Raghvan
Suhas Sawarkar
Isha Sharvani
D.A. Virkar
Anita Wahi

CREDITS of U Me aur Hum :
Directed by Ajay Devgan
Writing credits
Story – Ajay Devgan
Screenplay – Robin Bhatt, Sutanu Gupta, Akarsh Khurana
Banner – Devgan Entertainment
Produced by Ajay Devgan, Kumar Mangat
Executive Producer – Vikrant Sharma
Lyrics – Munna Dhiman
Dialogue Writer : Ashwani Dheer
Original Music – Vishal Bharadwaj
Cinematography – Aseem Bajaj
Film Editing – Dharmendra Sharma
Production Design – Samir Chanda
Costume Designers – Anil Cherian, Manish Malhotra, Anna Singh
Production Management
Asst Production Managers – Mangesh Daphale, Sanjay Inamdar
Second Unit Directors
First Assistant Director – Fazal Mehmood
Second Assistant Director – Dharmendra Sharma
Third Assistant Director – Harish Wadhone
Fourth Asst Director – Aumckar
Fifth Assistant Director – Vijayeta Kumar
Visual Effects by
Lead Compositors – Pavan, Uppu Pavanrajesh
Digital Artists – Sudeepto Bose, Ilamuruguselvan
Digital Compositors – Sarang Deshpande, Avinash Gupta, Anup Kumar, Vinod Mannem, Balakrishnan P.S. Nadar, Naveen Shukla, Ashwin Singh, Gaurvendra Singh,
Visual Effects Supervisor – Abhinav Sah
Matte Painter – Naveen Shukla
Digital Lighting – Sayantan Sanyal
Compositor – Ranen Nongmaithem
Visual Effects Rendering – Sunil Mohapatra
Visual Effects Technical Support – Uppu Pavanrajesh

Other Crew of U Me aur Hum :
Stunts Co-ordinator – Jai Singh
Camera and Electrical Department
Assistant Cameraman – Rajeev Ranjan Bhardwaj, Asit Biswas, Shakeel Khan
Key Grip – Ahmed Khan
First Assistant Camera – Prashant Pednekar
Camera Operator/ Gaffer – Anshuman Singh Thakur
Lighting Technicians – Shahnawaz Alam, Jitendra Tripathi
Still Photographer – Nath Gupta
Clive Teare – Special Camera Technician: Panavision India
Editorial Department
Digital Film Colorist – Paul A. Byrne
On-Line Editor – Joginder Singh Varna
Choreographer – Ashley Lobo
Assistant Choreographer – Yashika Dhillon
Production Controller – Salim Merchant
Sound Designer – Rakesh Ranjan
Playback Singers – Adnan Sami, Shreya Ghosal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Bharadwaj
Publicity Designer – Himanshu Nanda, Rahul Nanda
U Me aur Hum, movie review