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Upcoming film – Gujarat Thi Goa – is a family entertainer, says director Rajdeep

Gujarat Thi Goa

With the film industry facing a sluggish and passive period during the Corona lockdown, Gujarati movies have now turned buoyant with varied subjects and the positive aspect of this transformation is that it has made the audience too eager to watch Gujarati films and among them is Gujarat Thi Goa.

With the new generation of filmmakers, the Gujarati film industry is now ready to offer a bouquet of films with interesting content, though the veterans are still sticking to their basics of stressing on perfection. This mix of content being available to the viewers have given them a wider choice of content to watch.

Riding high on this new trend is actor-filmmaker Rajdeep, who once graced the Gujarati film industry as a leading hero, is now coming up with his first Gujarati film as a producer-director from “Gujarat Thi Goa”.

Perfectionist to the core that Rajdeep is, he hired a luxury cruise for several days to shoot scenes in Goa that compose the base for the storyline of the film. Several important scenes of this thriller have been shot on the cruise.

Answering to a question from Filmytown as regards to the subject of his upcoming film, Rajdeep replied, “The film’s story revolves around two sons of a rich father who get into trouble due to their association with wrong friends. It also has a message for the youth of today’s generation. The film has four songs of different moods.”

Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor plays an important character in this action thriller. “Bollywood’s famous villain Shakti Kapoor has come up with a memorable performance and has important scenes with the film’s two heroes Akshat Irani and Yash Shah, particularly towards the climax,” Rajdeep revealed.

Well known Gujarati film director Firoz Irani’s son Akshat Irani who is the latest heart throb speaks about his character, “I play the spoilt son of wealthy parents and Yash Shah plays my brother. The brothers are lured to the fascinating world of gambling in Goa. The thrill of Goa, having a good luck in gambling, glamour of the Casinos and the exuberance of youth lands the siblings into big trouble. It is a message oriented film for the youth,” says Akshat while speaking to Filmytown.

Akshat Irani has been an assistant director for Sunday Night (2017), Mister Kalaakar (2019) and Double Dhamaal (2011) and has acted in lead roles in recent Gujarati films.

“Scheduled to release in the mid of January, Gujarat Thi Goa has four songs for different moods and the film carries a message for today’s young generation. The main attraction of the film is that the famous Bollywood villain Shakti Kapoor will be seen as a villain for the first time in a Gujarati film. Other well-known actors of Gujarati film industry – Shekhar Shukla, Meenakshi have also played important characters in this film.” Rajdeep added.

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