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Sreerama Chandra’s character in MMOF appears vindictive!

MMOF (2021) Movie poster

Sreerama Chandra in his upcoming film MMOF as an anti-hero looks barbaric.

Sreeram Chandra has enjoyed his stint as a successful singer, however, Chandra is excited and nervous for his third film as an actor.

Owing to his dark villainous character in MMOF, Sreeram character is the talk of the town who is playing the main antagonist.

Leaving an undying impact, his character as an anti-hero has taken the country by storm. With menacing eyes, eccentric mannerisms, and powerful acting, he has upped his own ante as a villain in MMOF.

“The dialogues of my character will hit hard. His one-liners are the soul of the film. I presume that the vindictiveness of my character will certainly scare the audience,” Sreeram Chandra mentions.

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