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Sonam Khan reminisces countless adventures on set with Chunky Panday

Sonam Khan, Chunky Panday in Vishwatma

Sonam Khan, who grooved to the song ‘Gajar Ne Kiya Hai Ishara’ in Vishwatma, revels in her timeless Bollywood moments with her co-star Chunky Panday.

The evergreen Sonam has worked on films like Tridev, Vishwatma, and Vijay among others in the many chapters of her illustrious career. However, her on-screen, as well as off-screen camaraderie with co-star Chunky Panday has always stood out. She has often talked about Chunky as not just a fellow actor but a cherished friend. While their on-screen chemistry was palpable, it was the off-screen camaraderie that truly set them apart.

On Chunky Panday’s birthday, Sonam took to Instagram, penning a heartfelt tribute to the man who not only shared the screen. She spoke of countless adventures on set, of Chunky’s down-to-earth nature, and of the genuine gem of a person he was. Taking to Instagram, she says, “Wishing the man who not only shared the screen but was also the first actor with whom I faced the camera. From countless adventures on set, Chunky has been the easiest, most down-to-earth actor and a true gem of a person. Our journey together has been incredible. Happy Birthday, @chunkypanday ✨” The on-screen couple reigned as a fan-favourite couple in the 90s and audiences raved with their electric chemistry.

To the heartwarming post, Chunky Panday commented, “Thank you so much my Dearest Sonam ♥️ 🤗 . Loved every moment working with you 🤗. Miss those crazy days 💗”

As the years passed, the desire for a reunion grew in the hearts of Sonam and fans alike. They longed to see Sonam Khan and Chunky Panday grace the screen together once more, to relive the magic that had defined an era.

Sonam Khan’s filmy journey began with the support of none other than the legendary Yash Chopra. It was he who saw in her the potential to become the “Oye Oye girl,” and, of course, those distinctive blue eyes that seemed to hold a world of stories. The actress, often hailed for her elegance and refusal to succumb to societal pressures, lives her life with pride and strives to inspire someone, somewhere.

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