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Salute women frontline workers, risking their lives for the society: Shama Sikander

Shama Sikander thanks women frontline workers

“I heartily thank all women frontline workers who have never thought about all the risk to their lives and continued their duty towards the community. I salute these women as well as all frontline saviors who have set an example for our next generation,” elatedly spoke Shama Sikander while speaking to FilmyTown.

Shama Sikander is a woman with a heart of gold and she wants to thank the frontline women workers such as doctors, nurses, police, healthcare workers, and other jobs. Women have shown society, the way to lead equally time and again and so it was during this pandemic. Shama has been a champion of women’s rights and she has come and supported them time and again.

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Shama spoke to Paresh B Mehta, Editor of FilmyTown and here is what she says, “The frontline women workers have gone way out of their ways and have supported the society equally. They also have to look after the family and not saying that the men don’t have to but for women, the responsibility has always been quite litteral in terms of handling the household. My heart goes out to the frontline saviors who lost their lives or their families. Condolences to them. We should not forget their spirit and contribution ever.”

“Today being the international women’s day, here is Cheers to all the women who are fighting it out. I would especially like to thank the women who have gone out and done their bit and even more. They have been a huge inspiration truly. So let’s celebrate all the women we know as well as the frontline saviors who have done proud beyond words. It’s been such a lesson for humanity and for the ages.”

Women’s rights and their equality have been a huge part of Shama Sikander. Like she says, let’s celebrate all the women this women’s day and a special mention for the women frontline workers.

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