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Valentines Night – movie review

Dejected Lovers decide to come together and party on the Valentine's Night


Valentines Night - movie review

It is Valentines Night when the love birds come together and a time for some partying. On the flip side it is this day that several love stories break up on this day. Two timing individuals are exposed and sometimes misunderstandings break up the relationships.

Written by the former Tehelka scribe Kumar Baadal, the film Valentines Night unfolds events of five characters that are in Delhi, the capital city of India. Two boys and three girls who are heart broken with their respective partners on this Valentines.

Sanjana (Payal Rohatgi) is shattered when she is rejected by the love of her life – her boss (Sangram Singh). Andy catches his girlfriend red handed cheating on him. Aditi goes to a pub with her would be husband where she finds him dancing with other female. Similar is the case of Milind (Sunny Hinduja), Maya (Jyoti Ahlawat) and Ekta (Shikhi Gupta).

So these young and cool, just heart broken on this Valentine’s Day, happen to know each other through a networking site on the internet. They form a group and it appears to be lead by Sanjana who’s the first to come up with the idea.

They have abandoned the love of their lives. And then it is decided to meet up with each other on the Valentine’s eve, party and leave the pain of separation behind. Grouping up and yet undecided what and where they are headed to, one of them gets a message on this social networking site that they have been rewarded with the prize in the form of a full night out ride in a limousine.

It is night time that lets the devil out from our inner selves. A night which has adventure and some surprises which could be difficult for this gang to face. Unexpected events occur and not all of them are pleasant.

Milind and Andy order for the finest wines (one of them agrees to pay for using his debit card) while the girls too make merry.

Seems fun all the way. But it isn’t so yet. There are some sub-plots and fresh characters crop up. Helping a lady, this group gets indirectly involved with politics and then a prostitution racket.

More they try to come out of it, more and more they get involved in this drama. It finally leads to a murder and one of this gang is the prime suspect. All evidences clearly point out to him as the murderer.

They move out to enjoy the evening. There is loyalty test, there are mistakes committed and what happens thereon is quite an adventure.

About the performances in Valentines Night, it is only Payal Rohatgi and the jat lad who are convincing. Sangram Singh, most of the time is in disguise. It is a novel attempt, yet it is far short of the slickness that is essential in a thriller. Rakhi Sawant is roped in for an item number which doesn’t impress.

Cast of Valentines Night:
Payal Rohatgi as Sanjana
Sangram Singh as Angad/ Abhay
Rahul Minz as Andy
Neha Thakur as Aditi
Sunny Hinduja as Milind
Jyoti Ahlawat as Maya
Shikhi Gupta as Ekta
Rahul Madhav as Sudhir
Prabhat Kumar as Virender
Rakhi Sawant

CREDITS of Valentines Night:
Presented by: Kirshnam Mediatech Private Ltd.
Produced by: Kirshan Kumar & Sanjeev Malhotra
Directed by: Kirshan & Badal
Story and dialogues :Kumar Badal
Cinematographer: Premanand Bhagirath
Editor: Manoj Mishra
Music on: T Series
Music By: Astitva ‘The Band’
Lyrics: Tehseen Munnavar & Astitva ‘The band’
Media Consultants: NR2-TheImage Engineers
Valentines Night – movie review