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Saat Uchakkey – movie review

A crazy group executes an ambitious plan to rob a hidden treasure


Saat Uchakkey, movie review

A comedy caper about 7 scoundrels pursuing their ulterior motive amid saving their skin from the local cop’s hawk eyes.

It appears as a realistic story of these petty crooks blundering their way through an exciting gamut of mystery, greed, treachery and running into one riotouscrisis after another.

It hilariously illustrates the predicament of Pappi Jaatwala (Manoj Bajpayee) who chances upon a prophecy made by a mystic tramp Bichchi (Annu Kapoor). He is turning 40 and now this good-for-nothing daydreamer has been given a deadline by his girl friend Sona (Aditi Sharma) whilst he appears to lose grip on reality, bent on believing someday very soon, he would stumble upon a hefty windfall.

His girl friend Sona is skilled at the intricate art of manipulating any person for her benefit with fish apenty in the big wide sea. She does so with charm and ease.

Loitering around the streets of Old Delhi is a tramp, while in a euphoric trance, Bichchi (Annu Kapoor) gives Pappi a sign that suggests the presence of a mysterious secret hidden in an obscure, impenetrable Haveli. This mad mystic master of Tantric Hypnotism constantly spins a web of analogies in cryptic languages to keep everyone mesmerized.

So Pappi gathers a cocky, know-it-all bunch of silly, yet dependable friends to execute an ambitious plan to rob the treasure. As they embark on this comic trail, every step they tread is shaded with unexpected surprises.

The aggresive local cop Tejpal (Kay Kay Menon) is secretly in love with Pappi’s girl friend Sona and wishes to marry her.

With a planned motive, this crazy group acts out the drama of Pappi getting shot, which draws this menacing cop investigating into the mysterious death of Pappi. Harbouring secret desire on Sona, he keeps a watchful eye on this girl as well as Pappi’s close friends, who are on their way to dig treasure in a dilapidated Haveli.

Saat Uchakkey has a confusing beginning at the Mental Hospital, but as other characters come into the story it becomes an enjoyable fare with the gritty backdrop of Old Delhi. This burlesque film opens a window into the unpredictable world of magical realism, where the lingo is spattered with the choicest of swear words and the mannerisms with sidesplitting humor.

Save for the beginning and the spiritual prophesing moments in the end, overall it is a pleasant watch which actually makes the viewer as if he too is part of the game with these madcaps and loitering around in Delhi in real time.

The realism and charm of Old Delhi with realistically etched characters make this an interesting film unless if you do not mind and actually enjoy listening to choiciest swear words uttered at the drop of an hat.

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Pappi Jaatwala – Manoj Bajpayee
Sona – Aditi Sharma
Bichchi (Tramp) – Annu Kapoor
Diwan Sahab – Anupam Kher
Tejpal (Cop) – Kay Kay Menon
Jaggi Tirchha – Vijay Raaz
Haggu – Nitin Bhasin
Khappe – Aparshakti Khurana
Babbe Tashni – Jatin Sarna
Ajji Phodu – Vipul Vig

Producer – Wave Films, Crouching Tiger, Shital Bhatia
Director – Sanjeev Sharma
Screenplay – Sandeep Saket
Executive Producer – Raisal Malik, Kumud Shahi
Background Score – Sanjoy Chowdhury,
Stunt Directors – Kaushal and Moses
Choreographer – Mudassar khan
Art Director – Vinay Kumar Vishwakarma
Cinematographer – John Jacob Payyapalli
Production Designer – Vikram Singh, Anasuya Sengupta
Editor – Shree Narayan Singh
Saat Uchakkey, movie review