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Beiimaan Love – movie review

A perfectly imperfect love story


Beiimaan Love, movie review

The Musical Thriller Beiimaan Love is the tale of a powerful business magnate who reaches the top after she is betrayed in love.

Sunaina(Sunny Leone) is a beauty with brains who is a modern day woman and ambitious in terms of her career.She was unaware of the fact that she would end up slapping her boss’s son Raj Malhotra (Rajniesh Duggall) when he misbehaves with her at a party.

Raj is pleasantly surprised when he comes to know that Sunaina works in his office KK Exports as Business Development Manager.However, what follows in an intriguing discovery of love and deceit.

Beiimaan Love is surprisingly a ‘Sanskari’clean Sunny Leone film with family and corporate backdrop.

Sunny Leone who is famous with single screen masses with her oomph and skin show has done a drastically different and less glamourised dignified role in Beiimaan love. She plays the role of a young, ambitious, hardworking girl whose world suddenly comes crashing down due to deceit and harsh realities of life.

Her single screen fans will feel let down in Beiimaan Love as Sunny has portrayed a decent girl s role barring a couple of songs where she has catered to her regular fans in a very small extent with her so called usp – the oomph factor!

Rajniesh has played his character effortlessly and this film has brought him into limelight again after 1920.

The problem with Beiimaan Love is that masses miss their hot and sexy Sunny and her famous ‘jhatkas’ and the cleavage show and the families and the elite gentry class is still not prepared to accept Sunny in a complete main stream decent girls image!

One must appreciate and applaud Rajeev Chaudhari’s guts in risking his project for the simple purpose of revamping Sunny’s overall image!

An extra half star for the director for not riding with the wave.

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Sunny Leone – Sunaina
Rajniesh Duggall – Raj Malhotra

Production Company – Avanti Films Pvt Ltd.
Produced by Rajeev Chaudhari
Story & Screenplay by Rajeev Chaudhari
Directed by Rajeev Chaudhari
Music by Ankit Tiwari, Kanika Kapoor, Raghav Sachar, Sanjeev Darshan
Edited by Samar Singh
Beiimaan Love, movie review