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RAM RATAN – Movie review

An Indian cultured lady's efforts to correct her husband's wayward life


Ram Ratan movie review1

A social family drama with Daisy Shah playing the lead role of Ratan, a modern day girl with a forward thinking attitude and behavior but is still deep rooted in the Indian culture. The film revolves around her right till the end.

Ratan is married to the boy of her choice – Ram (Rishi Bhutani) who seems to reciprocate Ratan’s love for him. But this happiness seems to be short lived as Ratan gets to know that Ram is a playboy who flirts and dates other girls.

Things reach to such a level that Ratan makes up her mind to give back to her philandering husband and for this issue she ropes in her husband’s best friends who willingly oblige the lady to execute a plan where Ram meets with an accident and is taken to the hospital.

This accident was preplaned in such a way that Ram is supposed to be hurt not to a great extent and it happens exactly the way they have planned. Further for such a motive Ratan is also supported by Ram’s elder brother and his wife (Mahesh Thakur and Sudha Chandran).

While being discharged from the hospital Ram is informed that his blood reports show him as HIV positive and this turns his world upside down. Rather than being an embarassment to his family, he approaches Don Goli (Satish Kaushik) and gives him supari (contract) to get himself killed. This Don deputes his sidekick Chota Tiger (Rajpal Yadav) to shoot Ram.

So far so good. But when Ratan reveals to Ram that everything was pre-planned to bring him back to his senses, it is at this moment that Ram realizes that it was the biggest mistake of his life to approach the Don for getting himself killed. This contract is on its way of execution and Chota Tiger is unstoppable from killing Ram as the underworld is a stickler of their commitment. Once they take up a contract, it has to be executed whatever may happen later on.

The story begins with a realistic note with the first half seemingly realistic and endurable, while the things go awry from the second half.

It appears a situation of underutilization of veteran actors Satish Kaushik and Rajpal Yadav who could have done much better as they appeared to be out of sync with their characters. It is only Rishi Bhutani and Daisy Shah who have put in all the efforts to carry the film on their shoulders. Kangna Sharma is the glamour girl in the drama who too seems to be impressive.

Unfortunately the story seems to be out of sync with the present times and reminds one of the social dramas of the 80s and 90s.

An extra half star for Daisy and Rishi Bhutani’s earnest efforts.
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Daisy Shah as Ratan
Rishi Bhutani as Ram
Mahesh Thakur as Ram’s elder brother
Sudha Chandran as Ram’s sister in law
Kangna Sharma
Rajpal Yadav as Chota Tiger
Satish Kaushik as Don Goli
Sumit Vats
Prashant Rajput

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Produced by Sanjay Patel, Ashwin Patel, Bharat Dodiya
Directed by Govind Sakariya
Co-Producers – Kaushik Patel and Pankaj Dodiya
Story & Screenplay – Praful Parekh
Dialogues by Anwar Shah
Music – Bappi Lahiri
Cinematography – Arvind Singh Puvar
Choreography – Lolipop, Mudassar Khan and Shabina Khan
Editor – Ashok Rumade
Art – Pradeep Singh
Ram Ratan movie review

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