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Phoonk 2 – movie review

Strange, inexplicable incident scare the hell out of us


Phoonk 2, movie review

Fear is such a strong emotion that it defies all logic. Phoonk 2 justifies that. As small children we are scared of entering a dark room; somewhere further in life, we rather try and avoid isolated roads with no street lights. Whenever we shift into an apartment, the newness and emptiness of the place intrigues us in a strange manner. Infact we always fear the unknown. It is not just ghosts that we are scared of but there are times in our lives when a strange and inexplicable incident also scares the hell out of us. Phoonk 2 movie review…

Phoonk the first part ended with the killing of Madhu, the woman who casts a black magic spell on Rajiv’s daughter Raksha.

Phoonk 2 begins with Madhu’s (Ashwini Kaleskar) ghost returning from the grave to seek revenge on the family. On bagging a new construction project, Rajiv (Sudeep) moves with his family to a new place and the surroundings – the lonely beach and then the woods behind the house.

The terror begins with Raksha and Rohan finding a doll in the woods and then it progresses to a series of highly traumatizing experiences for the whole family.

Manja, the only man whom Rajiv could turn to, meets a gruesome death at the hands of the black magic woman Madhu’s ghose, who has risen from the grave to avenge her own death… to seek vengeance on Rajiv, by torturing his loved ones – his wife Arati (Amruta Khanvilkar) and their children, Raksha (Ahsaas Channa) and Rohan (Rishabh Jain)in unimaginably cruel ways.

Phoonk 2 captures the fear of a family caught hostage to a murderous, animalistic spirit seeking revenge by brutally terrorizing them. We experience a fear far larger than that of a live evil than when the dead returns to haunt you. It is the fear where every escape route of yours becomes dangerously anticipated and cunningly laid out in front of you. It is the fear that extends to letting go of one loved one to save another. Where every situation takes a sinister turn for the worse, methodically murdering everyone’s hope to live.

Terrorized by the demonic force, will Rajiv give in to the ghost or will he betray his family and give up? Will the family survive as the gruesome and repulsing murders are committed, or do the disfigured bodies, visions, ghostly voices and unsettling, disturbing incidents drive them to death?

Will the ghost live with them till they become ghosts themselves? The choice that Rajiv has to make in the final moments of the film forms a very unsettling and a highly disturbing climax.

The background music in Phoonk 2 is loud at times, it has unconventional camera angles. There are a few scenes which send a shiver down your spine – most noteworthy is the encounter between the tantrik and the evil doll.

Among the performances Sudeep does well as in the first part. Neeru Singh, the hottie newcomer to bollywood from television is impressive. Amruta Khanvilkar and Ahsaas Channa are brilliant in Phoonk 2.

But scarce scares and fleeting temptation don’t really make Phoonk 2 a must-watch. A few frightening moments is all you get.

Phoonk 2 captures the fear of a family caught hostage to a murderous, animalistic spirit seeking revenge by brutally terrorizing them. We experience a fear far larger than that of a live evil than when the dead returns to haunt you. It takes the audiences to a place where the horrors are so painfully scary and gory that even a rational mind will lose its sanity.

If you have the fear of the dead… be warned that the director’s intention in Phoonk 2 is to scare the death out of you and not let you REST IN PEACE!

Cast of Phoonk 2:
Rajiv – Sudeep
Arati – Amruta Khanvilkar
Raksha – Ahsaas Channa
Rohan – Rishabh Jain
Lakshmi – Anu Ansari
Madhu – Ashwini Khalsekar
Arushi – Neeru Bajwa
Ronnie – Amit Sadh
Vinay – Ganesh Yadav
Manja – Zaikir Hussain
Balu – Vikas Shrivastav
Proplerty Agent – Rakesh Raj
Goswami – Chyan Trivedi
Exorcist – Jeeva
Credits & Crew of Phoonk 2:
Presented by Ram Gopal Varma
Sarthak Movies and ZED 3 Pictures Production
Written and Directed by Milind Gadagkar
Produced By Prashant Burra and P. Chandrashekhar
Co – Producer – Riaz Hyder
Director of Photography – Charles Meher
First Assistant Director – Rumina N Majumdar
Line Producer – Ejaaz Khan
Doll Maker – Ramdas Padhye
Mixing Engineer – Anoop Dev
Sound Designer – Jayesh Dhakan
Sound Recordist – Sona Chaudhary
Music and Background Score – Dharam & Sandeep
Action Director – Parvez Fazal Khan & Aejaz – Javed
Costume Stylist – Anahita Irani
Special Prosthetics Makeup – Abhijeet D. Aamane
Steadicam Operator – Lenhert Periera
DI, VFX and Processing – Prasad EFX & Prasad Film Laboratories
Publicity Design – Sachin Suresh Gurav
Public Relations – Arati Salgaonkar (Perception Managers)

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