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Moods of Crime – Hindi movie review

Exploring the pysche of Criminal Psychology students


Moods of Crime, hindi movie review

A real-world film, that explores the psychology of criminals from the view of Criminal Psychology students.

Unlike most of the Bollywood’s larger than life films, Moods of Crime has a bold concept, appears quite realistic and hits the viewer about the characters which could be anyone around you or even your friend playing on you.

Bollywood is known for larger than life films. However there’s a substantial audience which follows real-world films too. ‘Moods of Crime’ falls in that category which will leave the audience shocked. It doesn’t have any extravagance, no songs, no item numbers which are substituted with a simple format of storytelling.

This crime thriller analysis and takes you through the various stages of permutations and combinations going on a person’s mind behind committing a crime and the feelings post that.

It is a psychological thriller revolving around Zubin Modi (Ayaaz Ahmed) and Nivedita Bhattacharya (Anima Pagare), final year students of Psychology working on their thesis on Criminology.

They are guided by their professor Uppekha Jain who literally steers them through the bends and turns of their project of ‘Study of Criminals’ where she insists that her students need to have a practical experience apart from the Theoretical universal evidence which could be easily obtained from the world wide web.

It is Nivedita, with her disturbed family background who takes the lead of experiencing different levels of committing a crime and in instilling in the mind of her partner to do something unusual in life. Else what is the point of such a mundane lifestyle and boring life cycles in the Indian family culture.

There is one scene where the girl discusses with her boyfriend about the types of criminals. There are 2 categories of criminals, the first type being the ones who have a definitive motive behind committing the crime. The other category is those who do not have any motive or personal gains behind the crime. The duo explore the second category, yet land in serious trouble.

Though the trailer evoked much curiosity, the film’s story progresses with hiccups, and the only interesting part is the hard hitting climax.

The subject is quite interesting, with a surprise package of natural acting by Ayaz Ahmed and Anima Pagare. Ayaz is outstanding all throughout. Uppekha Jain is adequately impressive as the seductress professor.

Moods of Crime begins well, with the promise of edge of the seat thrills, satisfies a bit, led by a simple, no-nonsense storytelling led by honest efforts from the Debutante director.

I reiterate, this isn’t a mainstream film and it is aimed at a niche audience of serious film lovers.

Moods of Crime, hindi movie

Ayaz Ahmed as Zubin Modi
Anima Pagare as Nivedita Bhattacharya
Uppekha Jain as Pooja Desai
Hemant Dedhia
Partho Das
Nilima Kadhe
Shyamal Ganguly

Production Company: Bhumii Creations
Directed by Sunil Shah
Produced by Sunil Shah
Music by Jeetu Ramachandran
Story and Screenplay – Jesuraj, Sunil Shah
Cinematography – Anirudh Nakhare
Edited by – Sunil Shah
Distributed by Manoj Nandwana, Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited
Moods of Crime, movie review