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Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara – movie review

3 couples find romance in their lives in picturesque Kashmir


Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara - movie review

Here is a rom-com quite different from the ones we see these days. Shot extensively in the picturesque locales of Kashmir, Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara is a story of three couples who have their own point of views about life and when their thoughts collide, it’s a Bull vs Matador fight to the finish for them.

It is generally evident in the couples of urban cities of India where they are immersed in their own web of problems, relationships and social obligations.

The real romance is missing in the lives of these 3 couples.

One of them is a playboy, the other is a henpecked husband and the third is a mama’s boy, enough to upset his wife.

Tony Singh (Sahil Anand) is a perfect con artist when it comes to women has his lady love Pooja Mehta (Niyati Joshi) in a web of dreams around him.

Rikki Dalwani’s (Vikram Kochhar) life is a beach resort where he has this perfect wife Sanya Dalwani (Divya Choksey) doing all the things, from house hold work to running their boutique and he seems to be engrossed playing a game of monopoly with his friends.

Saajan Patel (Nilesh Lalwani) and Sanjana Patel’s (Jayaka Yagnik) life is straight from the tales of a gujrati household story where the man is stuck between his mother’s love and his duties towards the wife whenever the two women of his heart confront each other in the Kitchen, which is a battle ring in the house.

Having said this and giving and taking nothing from these bright couples, the story moves towards a plan that Pooja decides to have for her man Tony, a dream getaway destination to Kashmir to spend more quality time with her man in order to move to the next level of their relationship, that is marriage (every woman’s dream and a man’s nightmare)

They seem to be stuck on level one since past two years. But Tony seems to be in a party mode and extends the invitation to his friends and their wives, utterly to Pooja’s dismay.

The other two couples love the idea and decide to join Tony and Pooja.

The fresh air and the picturesque  view of Kashmir totally mesmerized the three couples and love seems to be on the menu for all of them.

Meeting their old friend Manjeet Singh Sodhi (Herry Tangri), the resort owner and his beautiful Persian wife Sonya Singh (Sareh Far) is a delight for all of them.

The sudden shift of gear in their lives seems to clearing the air of confusion and ego among the three couples.

What follows next are a series of events in their lives that makes them realize that how precious their lives are and the importance of love among them which seemed to have been lost in the chaotic city of Mumbai.

It is laudable to see such a clean rom-com which can be seen in the cinema halls or even in your hall with your family.

The added attraction is the beautiful locales of the scenic beauty of hills and valleys of Kashmir.

Click on Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Sahil Anand as Tony Singh
Niyati Joshi as Pooja Mehta
Vikram Kochhar as Rikki Dalwani
Divya Choksey as Sanya Dalwani
Nilesh Lalwani as Sajan Patel
Jayaka Yagnik as Sanjana Patel
Herry Tangri as Manjeet Singh Sodhi
Sareh Far as Soniya Singh Sodhi

Produced by Deepakk R Gupta, Neha D Gupta
Associate Producer – Sujoy Joy Mukerji
Written and Directed by Monjoy Joy Mukerji
Music Director – Ajay Singha
Director of Photography – Anil Singh
Editor- Rabbi Joshi
Choreography – Ranju Verghese and Kadambari
Costume Designer – Irfan Khatri
Lyrics- Mohit Pathak, Ajay Singha, Pinky Poonawaala
Singers- Mohit Chauhan, Papon, Ajay Singha, Neha Rajpal.
Art Director- Kavita
Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara – movie review