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Bollywood Villa (3D)

A series of murder occur at a Bollywood film set


Bollywood Villa

A dark thriller set in the backdrop of the Hindi film industry, well known as Bollywood.

The movie tries to expose the film industry’s weaknesses but does so in a typical “Masala Manner” Bollywood Villa has Dillzan Wadia, Sonam Arora, Aroon Bakshi & Mushtaq Khan in pivotal roles and also features two special appearances by Christie Bourcq, winner of Miss Paris Adorable & Liza Brown, winner of Miss Best Smile Ukraine.

This film, produced under the banner of Durgesh Paul Productions, is a crime suspense movie which revolves around the inexplicable murders during the shooting of a movie. And as the movie progresses, the story unfolds and so does the suspense.

It begins with the first day of the shooting where the death of the lead actor leaves everyone on the sets confused and traumatized. The movie unfolds into a series of murders from here on. Slowly, steadily the cast members fall prey to brutal and gruesome deaths.

The sequence of events leaves everyone in high suspicion of each other. With everyone’s beliefs growing stronger on the idea of the villa being cursed, it is for you to choose to enter the villa or not?

The movie keeps you hooked till the very end, while the suspesne builds up with every murder and one awaits as to what will happen next.  A special word to Scopio pictures who have been responsible for the 3D effects and VFX. Music by VishnuDeva is good and Tarrunam Malik (of Ek Tha Tiger fame) has rendered a few songs. Aroon Bakshi (after Tuna Tuna) has lent his voice to the foot tapping song, “Sade Teen Baje”. Performances by the entire cast ranges from average to good.

The characters in the film add to the complexity and the suspense of the film, but Mushtak Khan is the pick of the lot. A veteran in the industry proves yet again that he is a reliable source when it comes to any movie. There are few moments in Bollywood Villa those of which spook, scare and are entertaining. Notable is the director’s effort to present this film in 3 D format.   Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS:

Dillzan Wadia
Sonam Arora
Aroon Bakshi
Mushtaq Khan
Russi Wadia
Pappu Polyster
Ravi Gadariya
Deepak Bhatia
Piyush Bhalodiya
Prakash Tiwari
Foram Mehta
Special Appearance :
Christie Bourcq (Miss Paris Adorable)
Liza Brown (Miss Best Smile Ukrain)

Durgesh Paul Production
Produced by: Durgesh Paul Productions
Directed by: Chandersen Singh
Music By: Vishnu Deva
Lyrics By: Mumtaz Nikhat
Singer: Arun Bakshi, Tarannum Malik
Executive Producer – Dillzan Wadia Productions
Cinematography – Ashok Rao
Editor – Pradeep