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Munna Mange Memsaab – Movie Review

A village bumpkin dreams of getting married to a Memsahab


Munna Mange Memsaab

A story of a village boy (MUNNA) from a remote village in India. Munna has pecularities, he isn’t handsome, has below average intelligence, and as regards sharpness and smartness, any person in the city could take him for a ride.

Munna Mange Memsaab, starring Omkar Das Manikpuri, Razzak Khan, Jordiya Anna, Himani Shivpuri is directed by Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala while Ajay Gupta and Jayshree Bothra are the producers.

The movie is produced under the banner of Vinay Arts and ís distributed by Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited.

He is the typical bhola bhala, seedha saadha Mamma’s boy. A darling of his mother, she is always protective about her son. While young, most of his mates used to shun him off saying that he is ugly looking, a dumbo, and he used to go crying to his mother complaining about it. Mother used to pacify him telling that he is the most handsome boy on the earth and one day he will marry some beautiful Memsaab (a gori mem, or a smart, cute city girl).

Munna grows up by always thinking and dreaming of his mother wish. And in his mind for him, his mother wish is the ultimate achievement in the world for him. This wish being fixed he always dreamt of geting marred with a Memsaab.

Finally one day, he lands up in a city, to fullfil his and mother dream. With the hope and aspiration of finding a fair, goodlooking girl and getting married to her.

Omkar Das Manikpuri, who plays the central role of Munna was introduced to Bollywood in Peepli Live. Omkar definitely looks convincing as the village bumpkin.

Munna is so naive that whatever he does good for other people, he is often misunderstood. He even lands up in a jail for returning the purse of a Marwari seth.

While roaming across the city, he comes accross the gang of beggars and experiences their syndicate. Once while loitering around a garden, he witnesses a lady being chased by goons who are out to kill her. Munna innocently saves her and takes the bullet in his arms.

He is taken to the hospital and the lady turns out to be a Superstar actress who is yearning for true love.

But will she attain it? Will Munna get his mother’s wish fulfilled? Thats the story about.
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Omkar Das Manikpuri As Munna
Bharti Tiwari (Introducing)
Razzak Khan as the head of beggars syndicate
Ms. Jordiya Anna
Himani Shivpuri as Munna’s mother
Mustak Khan as Police Inspector
Banner: Vinay Arts
Produced by: Ajay Gupta and Jayshree Bothra
Distributed By : Jai Viratra Entertainment Limited.
Directed by: Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala
Story / Writers: Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala and Andaaz Khan
Music By: Nizam Khan
Lyricist : Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala
Cinematography : Gopal Dey
Screenplay : Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala and Andaaz Khan
Dialogue Shareeph Mansuri Saranawala and Andaaz Khan
Editor: Pramod Mourya
Choreographers Praveen Baria – Dev
Media Relation: Ashwani Shukla, Altair Media