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Bazaar-E-Husn – Movie Review

Powerful drama based on a Munshi Premchand's novel



It is based on Munshi Premchand’s renowned Urdu novel ‘Bazaar e Husn’ originally written in Urdu, and then translated as ‘Seva Sadan’.

This movie  Bazaar e Husn has been in the making for some time now, and it stars Reshmi Ghosh, Jeet Goshwami, Om Puri ,Yashpal Sharma. Rajeshwari Sachdev in pivotal roles in this Drama, based around the second decade of the twentieth century.

This fictional drama is based sometime in the 1920s during the British rule in India. The story is focused about a family in Benaras (now called as Varanasi), in that time of the turn of the 20th century.

A story of a police officer’s daughter who is dragged into the web of flesh trade.

Suman (Reshmi Ghosh) is a daughter of a respected police officer (Om Puri). She is a victim of dowry (prevalent in that era), and her marriage is called off. It so happens that Sadan (Jeet Goswami who plays a Zamindar’s son) falls in love with her and presents his desire to his father. While agreeing to his son’s wishes, the Zamindar has other plans in mind, and when – Sadan and Suman’s marriage takes place, the wily Zamindar frames the bride’s father (Om Puri) on charges of accepting a bribe.

The marriage is called off. The upright Police officer is jailed, the bride’s maternal uncle takes charge of her destiny and arranges her marriage with a government servant Gajadhar (Yashpal Sharma).

Gajadhar owes money to a rich Money lender and sells his newly wedded bride, thus pushing Suman into the dirty world of Kothas and mujras.

Produced by A K Mishra and directed by Ajay Mehra, music is composed by veteran Khayyam saab. A word about a couple of songs which recreate the era of Kothawali Bais and reminds one of the films like Pakeezah and Umrao Jaan. Its  Lyrics are penned by Maya Govind, Ahmed Wasi and its Associate Producer is Manohar Thakur.

This one might not appeal to the youth of today, yet it is a masterpiece for lovers of this genre. Though it isn’t on par with the splendour and grandeur of Devdas and Umrao Jaan, yet it has breathtaking cinematography of the city of Benaras, and Reshmi Ghosh and Jeet Goswami’s performances are worth appreciation.

Click on the Thumbnails for ENLARGED PICS of Bazaar e Husn:

Cast of Bazaar e Husn:
Reshmi Ghosh as Suman
Jeet Goswami as Sadan
Om Puri as Kishanchand (Police officer and Suman’s father)
Yashpal Sharma as Gajadhar
Rajeshwari Sachdev
Rajeev Varma
Savita Prabhune

Banner – Vision corporation Limited
Produced by A K Mishra
Director – Ajay Mehra
Music – Khayyam saab
Editor – Umesh Gupta
Screenplay – Dhananjay
Dialogues by Mir Munir
Lyricist – Maya Govind, Ahmed Wasi
Cinematography – Rajan Kinagi
Background Music – Om Raj Sharma
Costume Designers – Mala Dey, Pravin Jadhav