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Mahesh Bhatt: Ya Rab moves forward in intolerant times

Mahesh Bhatt, ya rab


The matrix of success is not only about the box office hit, it is also about the intention & mission that has been accomplished by the Producers- the Khan brothers & Mrs Hoori Khan from Lucknow. They came up with pure dedication & determination to make this film, which is extremely close to their hearts.


Maulana Khalid Rashid, Firangi Mahli  (Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board), Maulana Kalbe Sadiq (Vice President  All India  Muslim Personal Law board) and Maulana Sayeedul Rehman Nadvi ( Principal 0f  internationally famed Darul Uloom Nadva) have said that there is nothing objectionable in the film ”YA RAB” and also that the film is spreading true messages of Islam in the right light.

This film is a refreshingly honest take on a socially relevant topic. The intent was to unmask the so called leaders who, in the garb of religion, use the masses for their own interests by misguiding them.

The makers remained undeterred in the face of politically motivated opposition and were prepared to face all odds that came their way during the pre release & release period.


Mr Mahesh Bhatt stood by the film & helped the cause at every stage as he strongly believed in the subject and the intentions of the film makers. Mr Mukesh Bhatt from Vishesh Films associated himself with the film as a distributor and he too faced severe criticism and opposition from several old friends who have been his distributors for decades.

A low budget film with not so popular star cast, today is doing wonderfully in the theatres. People from different religions, different walks of life and all film critics have appreciated the cause and are encouraging others to go to the theatres to watch “YA RAB” as every critics states that the film is a must watch for everybody.


Terrorism today is a international issue which is being flared up by portraying false facts & beliefs about Islam. This film fights all these misconceptions about Islam by giving the correct picture of the religion which has been achieved by elaborate research on the subject. The Producers strongly feel that the message conveyed by this film needs to reach as many people as possible internationally. Furthermore, today people from across the globe are getting active on social networking sites and are expressing their desire and are eagerly waiting for the release of YA RAB in their respective countries. Hence, the producers have decided to dub and release the film internationally in languages such as English, Arabic, Persian, Spanish, French, Telugu, Tamil etc. The dubbed version of the film is all set to release internationally on the 28th of February 2014, in countries such as America, UK, Canada, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Middle East and African Countries.

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