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Indian never again Nirbhaya trailer launch

Trailer launch of “Indian never Again Nirbhaya”

Diva Films productions and Shree Adhikary & sons presents a film based on the true event of Delhi bus gang rape and murder “Indian Never again Nirbhaya”. The trailer of this film was launched at a suburban preview theatre, Mumbai.

The film is produced by Bidisha Adhikary and Kanchan Adhikary and directed by Payal Kashyap and K Adhikary.

The music is rendered by Rupesh Verma. The film stars Riecha Sharma, Bidisha Adhikary, Dinesh K Mehta, Ravi Kumar, Raju Kher, Shailendra Srivastava, Raju Shrestha, Anil Yadav, Gopal K. Singh, Pappu Polister, K. Adhikary, Kamaal Malik, Manish Raj, Rambhai Bharvad, Bablu Sah, Anjali, Mukesh Kumbani, Dr. P G Patel, Jeetendra Jyotishi, R G Patel, S G Patel, Rasti Achariya, Anita Bhat, Vinodbhai Nakum, Soma among others.

Ganesh Gagan, Shyamapada Acharjee, Toshi Kashyap, Ganesh Chaudhary, Chandu, Vishal Singh, Tapesha Nand Mathur, Najjo Fazal, Pawan Kumar Barnwal, Raj Tripathi, Neha, Master Niv and Gehna Vasisth were also present at the event.

The film is based on the Delhi bus gang rape of December, 2012. The film producer Bidisha Adhikary and Kanchan Adhikary and director Payal Kashyap and K Adhikary alongwith the leads are present at event .

The producer K Adhikary quoted “the incident held in the capital on December, 2012 had been shuddering to the nation. The films based on such incident motives to highlighten the issue that now in 21st century also girls are not treated the way they should be. This is very shameful act.”


“People who are involved in such type of mindset should have to give a thought. As the film is based on true event it was very difficult to change anything. At the time of shooting it was really hard for us to shoot some of the scenes, everyone was remembering the time when it was actually happening to that girl,” added Adhikary.

Manoj Nandwana of (JVEL) is the distributor and marketing cunsoltant for India release of movie “Indian never Again Nirbhaya” will release on 20th April 2018.

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