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Atharva honors Women in Indian Army

Atharwa honours women in army

(In the pic: Cdr Diksha Gehlawat, Indian Navy, Captain Anupama Kohli, Air India, Col. Sudhir Raje (Retd), Shri Sunil Rane , Major Gagandeep Kaur, Indian Army, Flight Lieutenant Gauri Kulkarni, Indian Air Force)

Honor to the Women in Indian Army on the International Women’s Day by Atharva Foundations.

Mumbai , 8th March 2018 : On the occasion of International Women’s day,8th march, Atharva foundations had taken the initiative to honor the women power of the nation by a new program called “100 Computers, 100 daughters, 100 days”. The main motive of this venture is to provide technical ease in the studies of our brave, courageous and martyrs soldiers’ daughters. Women in Indian Army

Atharva foundations has recently paid a tribute to the real unsung heroes’ of the country by a program named “One for all, All for one”. And now,”100 Computers, 100 Daughters, 100 Days” program is the second contribution by Atharva foundation towards the brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country. By this program 100 Computers will be provided to their daughters along with the technical knowledge.Atharva foundation will ensure that the selected 100 girls’ technical studies will be on fulfilled at any cost.

On this occasion Flight Lieutenant Gauri Kulkarni (Indian Air force),Major Gagandeep Kaur (Indian army),Lieutenant commander Diksha Gehwalat (Indian Navy),Captain Anupam Kohli (Air India), Colonel Sudhir Raje(Retired) ,Sunil Rane (Atharva Foundation) were present.

By honoring the strong and inspiring women of our nation, who have achieved their achievements in different fields, the Atharva Foundation has dedicated to women empowerment and its upliftment. On this occasion, Col. Sudhir Raje (Retired) said, “This is the first time when a senior officer of all the three forces is present at a stage. This initiative of respect for the women by the Atharva Foundation is commendable.”

On the “100 computers, 100 daughters, 100 days” plan, Shri Sunil Rane said that we had decided at the time of organizing “One for All, All for One” that we would organize such programs for the welfare of dedicated soldiers of our country.”

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