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Theatre helps honing acting skills and films showcase one’s craft, says Deeksha Joshi

Deeksha Joshi speaks about World Theatre Day

One of the most promising actors in the Gujarati entertainment industry, Deeksha Joshi puts forth views about her learning experience in the theatre world stating to FilmyTown, “Theatre grooms you well and helps shape your acting skills for varied genres or characters,” while opening about dramas on World Theatre Day.

The growth of Gujarat’s film industry has become very much noticeable in the past few years. The regional yet massy content has given the industry good stability in Indian Cinema.

The Gujarati entertainment industry is also well-known for its content-driven dramas and stage shows. It’s known to the audience that both film and theatres of the Gujarati industry have given Bollywood some impeccable actors right from Paresh Rawal to Pratik Gandhi and Deeksha Joshi.

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Sharing about the same well-known Gujarati actress Deeksha Joshi shares, “It is difficult to opt between theatre and films. Theatre has helped me in honing the acting skills whereas the films allowed me to showcase my craft.”

She further adds, “The nature of drama grooms you well and helps shape your acting skills for varied genres or characters. Sometimes, I miss doing theatres and would love to continue it along with films.”

On the work front, Deeksha Joshi is currently shooting for her upcoming film with Pratik Gandhi ‘Vaahlam Jaao Ne’.

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