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Aghor – Marathi Film

Aghor – marathi film review

24 August 2012

It requires nerves to produce such a film like AGHOR – based on corruption in the medicine field, and not the usual masala flicks which are sure to earn good revenues.

There is a situation now that the theatre owners shun exhibition of Marathi films stating there no revenue earners around. So it is a matter for pride that in such turbulent times of the regional film industry that such a sensitive issue based Marathi film is slated to be released this week.

‘Aghor – Jeevanacha Jagnyashi Sangharsha’ exposes corruption- not in businesses or politics, but in the most important sphere of a person’s life. It focuses on the medical practitioners and their profession.

It is widely accepted that corruption has spread to almost all the industries in this land, and thus the medical profession is no exception.

Aghor – has a different tale to talk about. Till now, we Indians always considered the Doctor as next to God. This film has a message and shows both sides of the coin.

It depicts the really good doctors (Gods) and even the negative characters thriving in this honourable profession especially those in the so called Multi-Specialty Clinics.

There is an honest, sincere doctor Sathe (Raman Sonad) and also shown is the “professional” (in the materialistic sense), Dr. Batra played by Dr. Vilas Ujavane, who in real life is a doc himself (seemingly, a sincere one – after having interviewed him).

There are three struggling youths trapped between the medical opinions of these two doctors.

Aghor is produced by Raju Dhivdonde, Raman Sonad and Mangesh Pitale and directed by Salim Shaikh and it is all set to release on 24th August 2012

Story / screenplay – Salim Shaikh
Concept by Raju Dhivdonde
Music – Nandu Honap
Lyrics – Praveen Davane

Santosh Juvekar
Aniket Vishwasrao
Dr. Vilas Ujavane
Raman Sonad
Sai Tamhankar
Manasi Kulkarni
Kishori Shahane
Vinod Raut
Tejaswi Patil

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