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Pardesh – Ek Sapanu (Upcoming Gujarati Film)

Gujarati Film – Pardesh – Ek Sapanu

Pardesh – Ek Sapanu is the first Guajarati film to be shot entirely in Australia.

It is the story of a  small town of Gujarat,  where lives a young bright eyed man named Vijay.  His family is typical middle class family, with just the money to meet day to day needs. Vijay’s father has saved some money by working hard for his wife’s operation.

Vijay has an uncle, who lives in the USA. This is the reason, his family is hopeful of finding a bride or any chance to send Vijay to USA. But Vijay is determined to stay in India. One of the main reasons being his love affair with neighbour Gauri, who is not only beautiful but good mannered and educated just like Vijay.

It so happens that the uncle from USA plans to visit India. And for providing them with all the facilities they are used to and give them grand welcome, Vijay’s father spends almost all of his savings and this upsets Vijay. He does not understand why his father was not ready to spend money on his higher education or how is he going to get his mother’s operation done?! Because when he has spent all money to impress the foreigners, there will be nothing left.

Then the uncle and aunty arrive in the town like some celebrity. This aunt of Vijay has her own agenda. Her sister’s daughter (niece) has been dumped by a man in USA, and they are finding it difficult to get her married. So when she learns of Vijay’s family’s desire to send him overseas, she plans to oblige them by offering him, her spoilt niece’s hand.

Vijay and Gauri unsuccessfully try to convince their respective families. They are helpless. And in a couple of weeks Gauri’s father finds a boy from Australia and within no time Gauri gets married to a rich guy and leaves for Sydney.

Once in Sydney she realises that her husband is a womaniser and drug addict.  His parents knew about it, but got him married in an attempt to try and get him back on road. They thought, after marriage he will change, but that was not to happen. Gauri is living her life in hell. She doesn’t have any sympathy from her in-laws. They think Gauri is lucky to be in a foreign land. The only person, who feels all this is wrong, is Gauri’s sister-in-law (Meera). But she doesn’t have any say in the social issues of her house.

And one day Gauri discovers her husband is suffering from AIDS. And it was in the late stage. Soon he passes away… everyone shocked. Gauri requests her in-laws to send her back to her parents, but they were more worried about losing a free housemaid and about the shame it would bring on the family name if the nature of their son’s death is discovered by their relatives inIndia. Gauri is forbidden to make any contact with outside world.

Then onwards Pardesh – Ek Sapanu is a high pitched drama.

Credits of Pardesh – Ek Sapanu:
Director : Manish Pathak, Vipul Vyas

Producer : Hariprasad Chunilal Desai

Artists (Cast) : Vipul Vyas, Druma Mehta, Mehkasha, Roopa Divatia, Hasmukh Bhavsar, Jaimini Trivedi, Harsha Bhavsar, Kiran Joshi, Pradip Pandya, Poornima Bhatt, Jahnvi Patel, Nikhil Joshi, Manish Desai, Suvit Pandya, Markand Dave, Karan Rao, Mehul Joshi


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