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This is why Bella Thorne signed up to star in Midnight Sun!

Bella Thorne in Midnight Sun

Bella Thorne managed to impress everyone with her role in Blended and Disney’s Shake It Up and she is now Bella Thorne upcoming film Midnight Sun is surely going to blow everyone’s mind.

Playing Katie, a 17-year-old suffering from Xeroderma Pegmentosum, the film is a heartbreaking tale of love, dreams lost and realized.

But do you know why she signed up for such a different role? To enlighten people about Xeroderma Pegmentosum! A reason not too many find valid.

“What drew me to the role is, I wanted to tell a story that no one’s told before. I wanted to shine a light on it. Most people don’t even know that this disease exists. I wanted to play this character that’s so closed off from the world that she’s never even experienced being outside in the sunlight”, says Bella.

“My character has spent her entire life indoors. She’s grown up inside her room. She can’t go out in the sunlight at all, because if she does, she’ll die. She loves the boy next door.

She’s been secretly in love with him her whole life. The one night that they finally meet, sparks fly. And from there, begins this whole crazy, epic, beautiful love story”.

PVR Pictures’ Midnight Sun, a romantic drama flick releases across the country on 6th April 2018 in theatres near you!

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