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Television – Priti Amin

Daring To Be Different – Priti Amin


Priti Amin, could very well be a synonym for restlessness & inspired creativity. While in the competitive television world where popularity rules, few actors get out of their comfort zone or chuck their iron-clad images to explore new territory,like Priti Amin. The talented actor, who has carved a niche for herself as “Surily” from the popular series, Lapatagunj, has decided to hang up her boots from the show.
“I loved the opportunity & hopefully did justice to the bit. Comedy is difficult & two and a half years is a long time. Surily, was coming out of my nose & ears, that’s why I decided to take a break. I had to rediscover myself”.

While the television world gives you exposure & popularity, there is always the danger of stagnation. Actors in long-running serials invariably get stuck with their images.  The tele-duniya, has also limited the range of many excellent performers, by casting them in set patterns.

“There are so many examples, she articulates, of good actors playing identical roles all the time. I believe I can do better than that & am looking forward to good parts in daily soaps. I do not mind a negative role as long as the character is interesting”.

In her short stint Priti has also been a part of the well received, Comedy Circus & portrayed the pivotal character in, the daily “Jhoome Jiya Re”. She also was a part of Zee’s talent hunt show.  Apart from television, Priti has already donned the greasepaint as  a leading actress in Telugu films.
Priti Amin  is a trained dancer & loves to hit the floor. “I am in my 2ndyear of contemporary dance & have imbibed some truly fantastic steps. I have also trained in Indian dances & love the feel of reacting to rhythm & melody through dance”,she elaborates. “Dance gives me a great high. At the moment the dancer in me is throbbing. I want to be seen as a versatile artist who can dance & act. Both are my compelling passions”.
With the deluge of Dance Reality shows hitting the tube today Priti surely is impressed. “These shows have good dancers. I would love to be a part of them”she gushes.

Priti, who had tasted esteem in Hyderabad, as an actor with a Telugu show, Chakravakam, that aired for 3 years is a linguist of sorts. She speaks Hindi, English,Telugu & Gujarati, her mother tongue. “I love languages  & am always keen to pick up new words from other languages”.

For someone who has gone on to clear two years of CA before succumbing to her passion, Priti knows where she is coming from. Talking about her inspirations she talks fondly of her mother. “My mother has been a great source of inspiration for me. She has been artistically inclined & has been largely responsible for my creative leanings”.

It would be great to be remembered like my idols Juhi Chawla & Aishwarya Rai. Both have oodles of talent & continue to enthrall. High on SRK for his energy levels, Priti does not hide her admiration for the star “I often wonder about the source of his energy. Where does it come from! She exclaims.

For all her exuberance, Priti surprises with her bent toward spirituality. “I have been a Vipasaana student. For the uninitiated, Vipassana is a rigorous 10 day meditation course much sought in the spiritual fraternity. “It helps me de-stress & reinvent myself. Meditation is a part of my daily routine, it’s a form of soul nourishment & as important as food for the body. I cannot do without it.

On a lighter note she quips, “It also helps me steel myself as I wait for my next good

We will wait too.

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