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5 actors who outshined on OTT Platforms in 2022

OTT platforms have seen a colossal rise in the past few years. From romantic comedies to bone-chilling mystery-thrillers we have watched them all. Even though 2022 has been a mixed bag for B-town, OTT platforms have given some cutting-edge content, headlined by some prolific actors. Here we have listed the top 5 performances that outshined on OTT Platforms in 2022.…

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Detective Naani, movie review
Detective Naani is debutante director Romila Mukherjee’s film having some prominent faces from the television together. It’s the story of an enterprising grandmother – Naani (Ava Mukherjee) who manages to outwit the criminals with her common sense and logic and solves a mystery case. There is an underlying message that the true heroes are always simple ordinary people like any one of us. Detective Naani movie review... The 75 year old - Naani (Ava Mukherjee), is clever than people half her age. There are some suspicious goings-on in one of the apartments in her residential complex and she decides to investigate. She spots a frightened child at the window who was snatched back. What aroused her suspicion was that the owners of that flat let know people that that they are a childless couple. hen, another suspicious incident occurs and a few days later, a woman falls to her d ....
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