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Avinash Dwivedi

“My dream of working in Bollywood is steadily taking shape”, says Avinash Dwivedi. Meet Avinash Dwivedi – a tall and lean guy having boy-next-door looks with an intense gaze. There is something menacing in his eyes that keeps you mesmerized while speaking to him in person. Acting has always been his passion since long. Having gathered great experiences in Theatres…

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Ranbanka – Movie Review
Ranbanka is a Rajasthani word which means a Warrior.  Manish Paul plays the warrior who stands up against the tyranny and treachery of Ravi Kishen who plays the local MLA’s brother. It is an action thriller is about a common man who is triggered to turn into a rebel. The story is set in Mathura in North India, where till recently it was the rich and the powerful who would almost control the streets and the city with their might. Rahul Sharma (Manish Paul) is an engineer who is just posted to Mathura. Rahul settles down in the Northern State with his beautiful wife Priya (Pooja Thakur) and their son Ayush (Avya Agarwal). They are a happy family until one day the local MLA’s brother Raghav (Ravi Kishen) comes in their life. Raghav has ....
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