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Aashiqui 1990
This memorable movie made the Bhatt camp a formidable force in Bollywood. Aashiqui gave us two new faces and new hope Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal. Mahesh Bhatt had spotted Anu at a party. Settled in Paris she was already an International model (first Indian Super model) and had no interest to come to Bollywood but one thing in the script clinched her okay and that was when the heroine says “I want to do something of my own’ which was also her life philosophy. Anu Aggarwal was dark complexioned; which was a rarity in Bollywood during the 90s where people usually liked to see fair toned heroines, that notwithstanding she was accepted whole-hardheartedly. Rahul Roy was also spotted by Bhatt when he went to his mother Indira Roy's house to wish her. Though Aashiqui was a super-duper hit, it did not help in the careers of the lead actors as it should have due to various reasons, mayb ....
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Rahul Roy's 100 Crores Progresses

A.K. Cine Internationals’ maiden venture 100 CRORES, a suspense-murder-mystery is being shot from 20th June till 25th at Future Studios, Filmistan Studios and other places in Mumbai. Besides the Aashiqui boy Rahul Roy, Mukesh Rishi, Ranjeet, Asrani, Pankaj Berry, new finds Vishaal, Menka, Puja Saxena, Riya Khan and Upaasna are taking part in this spell.   The film was previously…

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