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Rahul Roy's 100 Crores Progresses

A.K. Cine Internationals’ maiden venture 100 CRORES, a suspense-murder-mystery is being shot from 20th June till 25th at Future Studios, Filmistan Studios and other places in Mumbai. Besides the Aashiqui boy Rahul Roy, Mukesh Rishi, Ranjeet, Asrani, Pankaj Berry, new finds Vishaal, Menka, Puja Saxena, Riya Khan and Upaasna are taking part in this spell.   The film was previously…

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Maazii, an Urdu word - which means the past, is a thriller directed by Jaideep Chopra on the story, screenplay and dialogues penned by Sumit Nijhawan and Shirish Sharma.

Maazii - movie review

The near perfect life of Tarun (Sumit Nijhawan) and Shrishti (Mona Wasu) goes through a sea change after an act of bravery pushes a reluctant Tarun into the limelight. Debutant director Jaideep Chopra’s Maazii is a pleasant surprise. The film is about the questionable past of Tarun Singh (Sumit Nijhawan) that takes us through the thrilling journey especially in the second half with its unexpected twists and turns. Maazii open with the interrogation of a ruthless goon Rathi (Pankaj Tripathi) in a small police station, where the Senior Inspector is filing a report of the goon who is caught red handed in a case of rape and mass murder case. Rathi manages to escape with the help of ....
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