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Never run away from your passion – Sandeep Kapoor

“I have an adventerous journey towards my passion. To eat, sleep and dream Bollywood” says Sandeep Kapoor.

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, this jat had a very good upbringing in his ‘khandani’ (well known) family having its roots in this northern state since pre-independence times.
Says this fair, handsome dude ” The dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan in one of his hit films that “agar aap kisi cheez ko badi shiddat se chaho, to sari kainat aapko usse milane main lag jati hai” comes very true for me.’

“Since childhood I was nurturing my passion of acting for which I have to take in a lot of criticism and then even usually become a part joke from my friends and near dear ones. But from inside I was sure that one day I am going to live my dream.” Sandeep reminicizes those struggling times.

“In my collage days, I met a girl and decided to make her my life partner and started seeing my future through her. I came to Delhi to enter into media field and started working as freelancer with new channel Home TV.”

At one stage of his life, he even had this dilemma of choosing between my passion or the girl he would want to marry, as her parents has started looking for grooms.

“I decided to leave Delhi and came back to Chandigarh and joined a job with a salary of 1500 rupees, some 15 years ago.” he proudly announces.”

“I started my carrier as Sales Executive and when i got married my salary was 4835 rs to be precise.I tried to forgot my passion and started living happy life at Chandigarh.Though i was growing in my carrier but not able to live my passion always in my mind.There was a time i stopped watching films for almost 3-4 years as it reminds me of my love for acting.

What inspired him to enter Bollywood in his mid thirties? Usually the in thing in here in this hindi film industry, is usually when a guy is just out of college, he gets his portfolio done and then begins his journey in this “sone ki nagree”.

“One day while I was watching Filmfare awards and Boman Irani won an award for his performance. He said that he started acting at the age of 44, so never leave your passion. That day I decided to start afresh and I also did not want to regret at the age of 60 that I never tried in the most desirable professions deep in my heart… and mind.

“And this is power of attraction, I just happened to meet a Bollywood director Nabh Kumar Raju sitting next to me while travelling in a train. And I shared my ideas about acting and films and shared my love for the same.”

“I don’t know why, but this God sent Angel told me that he wants to help me. He persuaded me to join New York film Academy’s one month course at Mumbai. This golden soul also helped me in making my first documentary – ‘Therefore I win’. Then after it was no looking back.”

Readers can watch the documentary film – Therefore I Win, which is directed by him, at:

“This gave me lot of confidence and success in this field. Ofcourse, with the support of my wife, my parents and my 2 kids I started perusing my acting” says an emotional Sandeep.

Sandeep has acted in these projects –

‘Sadda Haq’, which is a Punjabi film where he is playing a role of CBI officer. The film has already been released internationally and broken all the records. Surprisingly, this film has garnered over Rupees 16 Crores in the overseas market. It has just been released in India on 10th of May and the initial response is very positive.

He has done a Hollywood film ‘Dreamz’ which is still in the making. This one is produced by Rai foundation and directed by Sumana Mukharjee. In Dreamz, he is an army man, and was tight lipped about the story, mentioning confidentiality clause signed by him.

Not the one to take things lying around and whiling time, Sandeep was honest to admit that there are times when he is unemployed and so he decided to take up whatever work he is offered. Hence he has also assisted Bollywood director Nabhh Kumar Raju in his next film NABBBEYY, Which is set to release by the end of this year.

He is also seen in a Television commercial alongwith Punjabi super star Satinder satti, and also acted in a Doordarshan television serial ‘Mandakini’.

Sandeep was a well settled guy in the corporate arena. Being quite successful, one day he decided to leave his job as General Manager and hopped on to a train at the very next opportunity. He landed up in the city of dreams Mumbai with the determination to give his 100 % to what he would love to do.

“My family and few of my friends are the biggest support that I am sitting here in the city of dreams, the city of Bollywood, living a hectic life and aspiring for very successful carrier.” says Sandeep.

Looking forward to see the Golden Lady in your hands this year.

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