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Priyanka Goyat – From Profession to Passion

Priyanka Goyat profession to passion

A dentist by profession and a singer by passion, Priyanka Goyat is an ideal woman who maintains a perfect balance between her occupation and hobby.

Belonging to an academically excellent family, with a father being an IRS officer she was bound to take up a profession which required lot of intellectuality, but it was her hard work that she could not hide her talent from the world of being a singer.

Passion for music helped her to grow as a singer and the quest for knowledge and learning more got her to the pinnacle of medical education and clinical expertise.

There are two sides to every personality, one that is creative and the other one that is logical, striking the right balance was her key. ‘Feel you can be anything you want to be, just put your efforts in that direction’ was her mantra for success which helped her reach heights in being a dental surgeon and also a successful singer.

She was always inclined towards music from a tender age and found singing as a form of expression; singing always was a pinch of magic in her busy and stressful life. She was always passionate about music and has sung for many religious events, community events, school fests and also competed at inter-college competitions/fest in Mumbai which was her first step towards success in the music industry.

It was not easy to maintain a balance between work and passion but she was an expert in time management and goal setting which helped her achieve her dreams.

Some of her achievements are her famous debut song Jimmy Choo and Bang Bang with the famous rapper Acash Dadlani of the Bigg Boss fame, also featuring Mista Baaz.

Priyanka Goyat, a perfect example who depicts the capability to conquer her dreams along with her career has a great message for all the girls looking to establish their identity in the male dominated society. She is a true inspiration for everyone to follow their passion with all the heart and determination.

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